How To Strengthen (And Heal!) Your Mind-Body Connection Through Movement

Get moving! Your body will thank you.

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It's a given that your mind and body are connected. But did you know that it was possible to use the movement of your own body as medicine?

According to therapist Jhenneviev Heartt in the YourTango Experts video above, it absolutely is.

But what does it really mean to heal your mind and body with movement by improving your mind-body connection?

Well, the interesting thing about movement is that our bodies are designed to move in many wonderful and fascinating ways, whether it’s walking, dancing, or even practicing martial arts or gymnastic abilities.


Our bodies are capable of amazing things, and all we have to do is start moving to reap the benefits of them!

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Jhenneviev says that when we move in new and different ways, our brains create new neurological pathways that help increase awareness about our bodies, and in turn, this causes our minds to awaken — this is the mind-body connection in action.

Dating as far back as ancient Greece, philosophers have believed that there was a direct link between physical exercise and mental acuity. It was the philosopher Thelas who first introduced the idea of a link between a “sound mind in a sound body.”


That means when you’re moving and exercising and testing your body in new and unusual ways, you really are, quite literally, opening your mind and expanding your subconscious.

And when you move your body intuitively by having fun being free and running like a child again, you’re creating new pathways in the brain, giving yourself endorphins, and increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to every part of yourself.


Doing so helps your lungs to expand, pull in new air, and get oxygen-rich blood to every muscle and cell within you, which is really good for your overall health.

And it goes beyond just those benefits, which are impressive enough! If you’ve ever paid attention to your body when you’re feeling tired, sad, anxious, or even happy, there are certain ways that your body moves in response to these emotions, almost on its own.

When you’re anxious, you might move frantically and use habitual actions, like fidgeting, chewing on your fingernails, or playing with your hair or necklace. When you’re tired, the actions are quite different. You move slowly, sit more, and overall have a huge reduction of energy.

These manifestations of your mind's emotions are influencing the way your body moves.


But luckily for us, this is a two-way street — which means that your movements can also affect your state of mind. That's why aerobic exercises, like walking and dancing, can put people in such a good mood.

In fact, researchers have suggested that regular walking can reduce your body’s fight or flight response, making anxious people less likely to feel scared or experience anxiety attacks.



Jhenneviev explans that even changing how you walk or walking in new places can help your brain make these new connections, so that you’re positively influencing yourself with every step.

So get out there, get your body moving, and start discovering the benefits that healthful, mindful movements cause within you!

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Jhenneviev Heartt is a transformational therapist who focuses on helping to guide people to where they need to be in their lives, so that they can live fully and happily. She wants to help people become better so that they can lead better, healthier lives, and uses a combination of therapies and shamanistic ritual in her programs. If you have any questions or would like to speak to Jhenneviev about how to achieve harmony and happiness, contact her here