Why Thriving & Making The Most Out Of Your Life Can Only Happen When You Let Go

When we talk about learning how to thrive and making the most out of this life, what does it actually mean? And what are we letting get in the way of making that happen?

According to therapist Jhenneviev Heartt in the YourTango Expert video above, it’s due to several factors that stem from the inside. Oftentimes, you can get so caught up in the sense that you’re not enough or that you don’t deserve better things that you stop understanding there’s anything better for you — and as a result, you simply stop trying.

You start to believe that what you’re suffering through is what you deserve. Or that you are not worthy enough or good enough to thrive or make it anywhere in life, and therefore you limit yourself out of fear.

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If you are holding yourself back out of fear — whether it’s of trying something new, getting a new job, or starting a new relationship — you’re not thriving. You’re merely surviving. And you’re potentially letting yourself settle for something far less than you deserve, which can severely impact not only your happiness, but your mental state as well.

So where do you look to recognize the limitations you’re putting on yourself?

According to Jhenneviev, we need to look inward. Our minds get cluttered, and we can’t see clearly. We might begin to create negative stories or believe that things are not what they appear to be — or even that they’re worse off than they really are — and then we begin to believe that these negative illusions are actually the truth. And our chances of living a truly happy, honest life begin to plummet.

So how can you get back into a state of thriving and making the most of this life?

In order to stop living in your negative beliefs, you have to first start reconnecting inward and understand several truths about yourself and your life.

Everyone has an inner dialogue. This dialogue can often be detrimental and lead us to believe the bad, or hurtful, or negative, especially about ourselves. But if you take the time to reconnect with your positive side — the inner voice that lifts you up and tells you that you can do the things that you previously thought impossible — you’ll start to believe it.

Learning to reflect on your feelings and get back in touch with your own peace of mind is a powerful thing. And once you start focusing inward, you understand that all of the things you have fears about… or anxieties or stresses about… the things you’re depressed about… aren’t really as all-encompassing as you once thought. You may be looking at your situation all wrong!

Negative internal rhetoric can build over the years and convince you that you can’t live life to the fullest, or that you have to continue suffering because you have no other choice. But these are limiting beliefs that are ruining your mental well-being.

Once you realize that you don’t have to listen to them anymore — and that you’re a powerful, capable individual that deserves all the happiness you can get in life — you’re going to feel like the entire world is at your feet.

All you have to do is take a single step forward, in order to begin thriving.

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Jhenneviev Heartt is a transformational therapist who focuses on helping to guide people to where they need to be in their lives, so that they can live fully and happily. She wants to help people become better so that they can lead better, healthier lives, and uses a combination of therapies and shamanistic ritual in her programs. If you have any questions or would like to speak to Jhenneviev about how to achieve harmony and happiness, contact her here