The 5 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Like An Instagram Model In Your Selfies

Yes, you are that beautiful!

5 Makeup Tips Instagram Models Follow When Taking Selfies & Posing For Pictures Instagram

You may not like how you look in selfies or pictures of you taken by others very often, no matter what you do with your makeup, but that doesn't mean you aren't absolutely beautiful and photogenic. You get used to seeing Instagram models and celebrities whose photos always turn out perfectly, but that doesn't happen by magic, and they definitely aren't flawless.

It’s just that they know how to flash a smile, appear confident in front of the camera, stay on top of beauty trends and and choose their angles wisely.


And most importantly, they know how to apply their makeup in a way that makes them appear more attractive in photos, even if it looks a little bit overly done when you stand next to them in reality.

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There are certain ways to apply your makeup that can transform your features and sculpt your face. Want to know what they are?

Fear not! Just keep reading till the end and thank me later.

Here are 5 makeup tricks that will have you looking like those gorgeous Instagram models in your selfies and other pictures.


1. Give yourself 100 watt skin!

The most important aspect a picture is how your skin appears in it. If it is full of blemishes, discoloration, and uneven tone, your pictures will obviously turn out disastrous. Therefore, the first step to achieving a perfect makeup look for photos is to apply a full coverage foundation.

Use a highlighting concealer under your eyes as well to add more glow to the skin and make it look fresher with fuller cheeks.


2. Sculpt your face.

Do you think your face appears like a pumpkin with no proper cuts and angles in the photos? Fret not! Just take a nice contour powder and brush and sculpt your face as per the shape you need.


It won't only give your face a nice angular shape, but it will also help add more color and make you appear less pale and tired in the photos.


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3. Use highlighter to make your skin pop.

I consider this point really important since you want your skin to look fresh and glowing in photos. Nothing can get the job done better than a good highlighter. All you have to do is take a powder highlighter and a fan brush. Apply it on your cheek bones, brow bones, nose, and a bit on the forehead and chin if you want.


You can also highlight your collar bones for a little extra oomph.


4. Enhance your eyes.

Our eyes are one of the most prominent features, and studies have shown that many men and women agree they are "the most important facial feature in a potential partner." If they look big, bright, and beautiful, there is nothing that can stop your pictures from turning out awesome!

So, here are a few tips that really help make the eyes look bigger and brighter.

  • Use a white waterline pencil in the lower waterline and add a little brown shadow in the outer corners of the eyes in the crease and below the waterline.
  • Apply highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. It will help make them look bright and awake.
  • Make sure your eye-lashes are all curled in a dramatic fashion, because the more curled and fuller they are, the better they look in photos.


5. Put a cherry on top with a bold lip color.

If you want your lips to look as prominent as your eyes, you must apply a bold shade with proper contour. Contouring the lips before filling them in helps make them look full and plump in photos.

Take a bright pink, coral, or cherry red lipstick along with a darker contour pencil and wear it with pride.

And most important of all, don't forget to flash your perfect smile!


Use these simple tips and watch those likes flow in!


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