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7 Of The Chicest Pantsuit Wedding Dresses To Make You Shine On Your Big Day

7 Of The Chicest Pantsuit Wedding Dresses

With each new year comes a whole new slew of style. The year has its own unique vibe and there are trends that follow when it is found. Every year, you hear about what's going to be hot this season, what is out, or what is making a comeback.

Etsy has come out with a trend guide for 2018 to help navigate us through the biggest trends we'll experience this year. 

Etsy was able to come up with their findings by looking at the top searches for each category and around the industry. It's a good way to tell what's actually trending because the results have been elected by everyone in a way. 

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The top of the list includes pantsuit wedding dresses, also known as bridal jumpsuits. But what else won the popular vote?

  • Wabi-sabi: In-home decorations, the biggest trend this year brings us to the other side of the world. Wabi-sabi comes from Japan and the main concept is imperfection. The simplicity proves that there doesn't need to be a whole lot of show to be impressive. Softly textured fabrics, organic materials, and natural shapes come together to make unique and beautiful pieces. 
  • Chokers: Jewelry trends are a blast from the past... with a twist. Chokers have been coming back for the past few years, but the newest craze is not exactly the same as they were before. There are new elements and designs that are revamping the choker. Think fun designs and sexy studded add-ons, and you've got the Choker 2.0.
  • Earrings: As for other jewelry departments, matching is out... for earrings at least. Having two different earrings is becoming so much cooler than having ones that are the same. Color coordinating, size and shape differences are coming out to be trendy and fun.

But the wedding category gets my vote for the edgiest new trend. When you think of weddings, you think of the cake, flowers, but most importantly the wedding dress.

But now, women are starting to re-think that idea. They are craving something different and fun as well as still beautiful. And bridal jumpsuits are the answer they've been looking for. 

“More than ever, brides want to express their personalities and individual style on their special day. Jumpsuits offer a level of comfort, sex appeal, and, of course, boss-lady attitude. By working with an Etsy seller, shoppers often have the opportunity to customize their bridal jumpsuit to fit like a glove,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, an Etsy trend expert.

The power in wearing a pantsuit on your wedding day is something that most women are finding incredibly sexy. They feel fierce and confident and are rocking the heck out of them. And it's not stopping at just the brides — the wedding parties are beginning to join in as well. Now the groomsmen might have some competition for who looks better in pants.

If you absolutely love the idea of pantsuit wedding dresses and want some inspiration, you're in luck! Here are some ideas to get you started and find the bridal jumpsuit of your dreams.

1. Bali Jumpsuit

This pantsuit is ready for a party! Comfortable and flowy but still elegant and stylish, this look is one that will catch everyone's eye. When you wear this, you will be so happy with the breathable fabric, especially if the wedding festivities are in a warm environment.

This look is fresh and you will feel hot the whole time while wearing it. You might not even want to take it off... ever. 

(Etsy, $598)

2. Sardinia Romper

Get ready to show off your legs! This pantsuit is feminine and girly. The lace makes this a classic look, and the shorts make it edgy all in one. Everything is perfect from the lace sleeves down to the lace shorts. You will love every minute you get to spend in this beauty.  

(Etsy, $329)

3. Linen Jumpsuit

This pantsuit is the definition of less is more. You don't need a lot of frill to make this look like a million bucks. The lightweight material serves as a great design to wear if you do not want to sweat on your big day. Plus, once you put this on, you'll feel so confident that you won't even bother worrying about last minute wedding details.

(Etsy, $119)

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4. Handmade Embroidered Silk Velvet Jumpsuit

This look is chic with a capital C. Unique and different, there have been very few wedding looks that are as bold as this. The red-hot color will heat up any occasion, especially while you are walking down the aisle.

Once you wear this, you are guaranteed to have every eye in the place focused on you. The silk material is comfy and the handmade design truly makes this outfit very special. 

(Etsy, $798)

5. Asymmetrical Senna Jumpsuit with Pleats

This look is traditional with a twist — the design is classic but still unique enough to be the talk of the wedding. It's pleated, cotton, sleek, chic, and beautiful. The off-the-shoulder design will show off your feminine side, and the look altogether just seems effortless.

You will feel like a princess — and you deserve to on your big day!

(Etsy, $207)

6. Strapless Juniper Jumpsuit

Feminine, chic, pretty, lace, pique cotton, AND pockets? Say no more! This design is one that you will fall in love with. It's classic and beautiful, and really compliments your figure.

At the same time, it's also very edgy with the pleated pants and the chic design. The cream lace bodice ties this perfect look up with a bow. You will be even happier on the happiest day of your life.

(Etsy, $290)

7. One-piece Bustier Silver Jumpsuit

If you are looking to make a statement at your wedding, this is the piece you've been waiting for. It's different right down to the silver color. With your bold personality, it just makes the perfect fit. 

The fabric is a viscose lurex, so it breathes beautifully and the comfort level is just as big as the beauty itself. It's adorable wrapped in unique wrapped in sleek, and you will love every inch of this design. 

(Etsy, $195)

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