4 Simple-Yet-Effective Ways To Kick Your Fitness Motivation Into Gear

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4 Fitness Motivation Tips To Keep Your Workouts Consistent

If you've been trying to get yourself working out regularly, fitness motivation is the most important factor when it comes to staying consistent, and consistency, of course, is key.

You might start off your training forcefully, but if the drive is not there, you're likely to stop the moment you start feeling even a little bit lazy.

Your body needs to know that you not only want and need results, but that you expect it of yourself, and that you're not simply trying to get your workout over with. You might see some results even if you go through the steps even when you don't feel motivated, but they'll probably come slowly and you're less likely to feel fulfilled even after they appear.


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If you want some real fitness motivation for your workouts and training, here are 4 steps you can easily follow.

(You can thank me later.)

1. Opt for something you enjoy.

Try out a training regime that suits you and your lifestyle without adding any pressure. You can mix and match and exercises the way you most prefer, either with some tough core exercises or a 30-minute jog on a treadmill.

To put this into the form of a motivational action plan, full a workout planner calendar full of activities you enjoy most rather than printing out and following someone else’s idea that sounds good but in actuality is extremely tough to follow for even one week.

Also, it's not necessary to head to gym for every single workout. You can always find other places and sporty activities that add more fun to your healthy lifestyle. You can go on a hiking trip with a couple of friends if you like exploring new places, or you can go swimming if that interests you.

To sum it up precisely, don't allow your workout routine to become boring and monotonous.


2. Find a training partner.

If you want to stay consistent, having a partner to train with is a great idea. You can help each other stay motivated and keep each other’s spirits up while exercising. You may even want to try following the same plan and engaging in some friendly competition with one another, which will drive you both to work harder each day.

Plus, it is always fun to have a friend around for support, conversation and to give you an extra push whenever you need one.

If you have the budget to have a personal trainer, that's definitely a plus. However, a friend at the gym will be enough to keep you up and running.


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3. Prepare your mind.

The biggest obstacle for many of us on the way to achieving an optimally healthy body is our own brain's negative nay-saying. Many people find it extremely tough to believe in themselves over the course of the sometimes rocky journey toward achieving a goal, and that’s where the problems start.

In order to stay motivated, it's important to keep telling yourself that you can and will do it.

Do not let negative inner chatter take you down. You can also try meditating in moments you feel the need to calm down your brain and refocus on your goals.

4. Just do it.

There is always a weird feeling of discomfort before you actually get your workout started. The more you see other people on their way to work out, the more you feel like it's something you can’t do. However, as soon as you begin, those feelings give way to that moment you find yourself enjoying the changes you're making.

All you need to do in order is keep on going until you hit that sweet spot where you simply cannot resist working out.

You need to come out of your comfort zone and take the risk because it is totally worth it. Start warming up your body and slowly move towards heavier exercises for longer durations. Go easy on yourself and be sure not to push the limits in the beginning.

And when you're workout is over, treat yourself to a relaxing bath or massage that will ease up your muscles and calm your mind.


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