Doing This Simple Exercise Every Day Will Help Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul

Breathing can do so much more for you than you realize.

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How often do we train our body, our minds, or our voices?


This can be for any number of reasons, like wanting to exercise and lose weight, wanting to expand your intellectual horizons, or wanting to become a better singer. We treat these parts of us as instruments that we can fine tune as we see fit, but oftentimes ignore other parts of ourselves that are just as important.

For instance, how often do we really pay attention to our breathing and the power of deep breathing exercises?

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Breath is a life source, quite literally. It’s a source of power and being that constantly dwells within us, largely ignored as we move about our day.


How much of this power are you harnessing as you go through your day?

According to therapist Jhenneviev Heartt in the YourTango Expert video above, about 80 percent of people only breathe at 25-30 percent of their full capacity at any given time during the day. That’s practically nothing compared to what your body is capable of! You’re not filling your lungs as deeply and fully as they can go.


The more you master your breath, the more you're able to master your life, Jhenneviev explains.

You must learn how to use your breath to tap into yourself and reach into the flow of your own issues, because you can literally use the power of breathing to heal yourself of everything, from trauma to addiction.

The more you can tap into the power of your breath, the more you can awaken your body.

Our breathing is like a map that tells us about what’s going on within ourselves. It’s like a map of out personal situations, which can include physical, mental and emotional diseases.

Your breath is an important, integral part of your health. So are you paying attention to it like you really should be?


Opening and receiving more breath into your lungs is not only something that will help center you, it’s healthy for you, too.

Since we go through the majority of our days without really taking in all the oxygen that we possibly can, this could account for a number of issues that we might face in our lives, including simple things — like additional sleepiness while we’re at work!


Jhenneviev recommends that we take some time to pay attention to this small, often ignored aspect of our bodies, because by doing so, we can come to deeper understanding about ourselves.

Every day — at least once, twice, or three times a day — stop, listen to your body, and take ten conscious breaths. This simple method will help make you feel better mentally. And it’s so good for your body, too!



Get back in tune with your body using your breath. It’s one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself, and it’s a simple exercise for overall wellness you can practice every single day.

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Jhenneviev Heartt is a transformational therapist who focuses on helping to guide people to where they need to be in their lives, so that they can live fully and happily. She wants to help people become better so that they can lead better, healthier lives, and uses a combination of therapies and shamanistic ritual in her programs. If you have any questions or would like to speak to Jhenneviev about how to achieve harmony and happiness, contact her here