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Marcia Clark Says She Has "Pretty Big" Evidence That Proves Casey Anthony Killed Her Daughter Caylee

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New Evidence That Casey Anthony Killed Her Daughter

The lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial claims to have uncovered new evidence linking Casey Anthony to her daughter Caylee’s murder.

Marcia Clark said she discovered some “pretty big” evidence that could prove “the most hated mom in America” is guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter.

While filming her upcoming A&E series Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48, Clark said she was reevaluating the book written by the mother’s lawyer, Jose Baez, and found a significant error that may be proof Anthony was involved in Caylee’s death.

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The book stated that a computer in Anthony’s residence was used to search “foolproof suffocation” methods at 1:51 p.m. but Baez concluded her father, who was “feeling suicidal,” was responsible for the search.

Clark is convinced that was not the case.

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“We reinvestigate,” Clark told reporters Sunday at the Television Critics Association press tour. “The program that the defense attorney’s expert used was incorrect as to the time stamp. And that it wasn’t 1:51 when the search was done, it was 2:51 — at which point we know based on cellphone pings that George Anthony was at work, he was not at home. And that the only person who was at home when ‘foolproof suffocation’ was searched for was Casey Anthony. A pretty big deal.”

Clark went on to say that she and her team found other evidence just 31 days after the toddler was reported missing – the search history on Anthony’s computer had been cleared in between police interrogations while the mother was home alone.

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“I’m guessing the prosecution would have loved to have this information,” Clark said. “That’s what we uncovered.”

According to The Wrap, an executive producer of the show said that the deletion of the suffocation searches on Anthony’s computer “happened within the first 48 hours,” which “essentially proved the concept of the series.”

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In 2011 a jury found the mother not guilty of first-degree murder and the case remains unsolved. Clark’s further investigation into Anthony’s case may change that.

“I’m still not even certain as I stand here today about what happened,” Anthony told the Associated Press in her first public interview since her trial in 2011. “Based off what was in the media, I understand the reasons people feel about me. I understand why people have the opinions that they do.”

Years later, Anthony didn't seem to care that she was named “the most hated mom in America” by HNL’s Nancy Grace during her trial.

"I don’t give a s--t about what anyone thinks about me, I never will,” she said. “I’m OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night.”

Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48 is a show that intensely reevaluates well-known cases in hopes of unraveling new evidence to discover what truly happened. Because the first 48 hours after a crime is committed are essential in solving a case, Clark investigates those two days in depth during each 2-hour episode of the series that airs in the spring.


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