9 Cringey Details About Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's Relationship —​ And All The Pregnancy Rumors

Kylie has been giving Kim a run for her money lately.

9 Cringey Details About Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's Relationship getty

There certainly hasn't been a shortage of news around the youngest Kardashian sister lately. As Kylie Jenner's grown up, she's proved to be just as (if not more) headline-worthy as her older sisters. And, of course like her sisters, much of her publicity comes from her relationships — especially her latest one with rapper Travis Scott. 

Of course, their relationship really started a media takeover when rumors started swirling around that Kylie was pregnant. And the rumors are still going strong as the normally social media-obsessed Kylie has been notably absent from her accounts and has basically disappeared from daily life altogether, which in turn has caused people to wonder whether her boyfriend could possibly be involved by forcing her to hide the pregnancy.


So, what's really going on in this relationship? Is Kylie actually pregnant and if so, is Travis Scott forcing her to hide it? Are they even still together at all? 

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Here are the strangest details about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship.

1. Travis Scott refuses to actually address his relationship with Kylie.

Kylie and Travis have been together since April 2017 and have since become one of the most publicized couples in the media. Despite all of their fame, Travis is still reluctant to talk about his Kardashian bae. 

In his most recent interview, when asked about whether he was dating Kylie and if they were going to have a baby, Travis would only say that "I don’t want to talk about that. They’re just guesses. Let them keep fishing." His unwillingness to talk about a relationship that's been going on for almost a year now and has garnered so much attention — including a rumored pregnancy —  is pretty peculiar.

2. Travis Scott also kept his relationship with Rihanna on the low.


Back in 2015, Travis dated the one and only Rihanna. We know what you're thinking: why would anyone not want to let the world know they're in a relationship with RiRi? But Travis, when asked rather carefully about it in an interview, Travis quickly avoided the subject, only telling the interviewer to "not do [me] like that, man”.

3. Is Travis cheating on Kylie?

Back in December 2017, an anonymous source came clean to Hollywood Life claiming Travis often goes partying leaving the allegedly pregnant Kylie home alone.  "She’s got a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to Travis," the source said.  "She can’t help but worry that he’s cheating on her and she’s started saying she wants him to take a lie detector test to prove he’s been faithful.” Heavy.

4. Travis also dated Kendall Jenner.

As cringe-worthy as it may sound, Travis reportedly had a short relationship with Kylie's sister, Kendall, before hooking up with the youngest Jenner sister. Though their relationship was never official (it seems Travis has made it clear he doesn't like his relationships made public), sources have claimed Travis thought it would be okay to make some stomach-churning comments about the two sisters. "He’s been boasting that Kylie’s way better in bed than Kendall and has more to play with, but Kendall’s got more personality," the source reportedly said.

Insert nauseated face emoji now.


5. Is Kylie pregnant?

The biggest news yet for the couple came in September 2017 when TMZ broke the news that Kylie was pregnant with Travis' baby. The most puzzling part is that Kylie herself has never officially confirmed whether or not she's really pregnant. Since then, rumors surrounding whether or not the youngest Kardashian and her rapper boyfriend are having a child haven't stopped. 

To make matters even more curious, Kylie has stayed mostly out of the spotlight since the pregnancy rumors began. Travis has remained active on his own social media accounts.


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6. Travis may be forcing Kylie to hide her pregnancy.

Like the rest of the Kardashians, Kylie lives and breathes for social media and her public image. So, the most perplexing part of all this is Kylie's efforts to hide her supposed pregnancy. 

Since the baby rumors started, Kylie and Travis have not been seen together as much as they used to be. While Travis has been seen in publicly, Kylie is never with him. There's also the fact that the Kardashians have voiced their concerns over the couple's relationship and that they believe they may not have the solidity their relationship needs to last.

Naturally, all the questioning about why Kylie's hiding her pregnancy has led to the rumor that Travis may have had a hand in keeping it quiet. Travis hasn't been as committed to Kylie as he was before the pregnancy rumors started and it seems rather obvious that he's not at all ready to be a father. When asked recently about this very subject and if Travis had gotten advice from his own father about fatherhood, his response was rather bizarre with the rapper only willing to comment, "Uh... for what?"


Eloquence aside, this is a very telling response in regards to Travis's stance on if he wants to become a parent.

7. Travis has spent time with Blac Chyna.

Unfortunately, Travis' relations with other members of the Kardashian clan didn't stop at Kendall. While Blac Chyna isn't actually a Kardashian, she was in a relationship with Kylie's brother, Rob Kardashian and is the mother of his daughter, Dream. 

In December 2017, Travis and Blac Chyna were seen hanging out together at the same club. Although they didn't arrive with each other, they were spotted talking for a while. Of course, Kylie was not there with her beau at the time. 

Although Travis and Blac Chyna's run-in seemed to be pretty much harmless, we still think the guy should try staying at least 15 feet away from anyone in or involved with the Kardashian family. This is just getting too creepy for us. 


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8. Travis spends time at the strip clubs.


A post shared by flame (@travisscott) on Dec 27, 2017 at 4:43pm PST

Travis was recently seen partying at a strip club. And he wasn't afraid to let everyone know he was there, either. Travis posted a picture of himself at the strip club to his Instagram account, which seems like a pretty strange (not to mention low) thing to do when he's in a relationship with Kylie and possibly expecting a baby with her. 

9. Did Kylie and Travis break up?

Kylie's low profile and the couple's long separation period has fueled break-up rumors. Kylie did not make an appearance in her family's annual Christmas photos, but she did attend their Christmas party with Travis and the pair took pictures in the photo booth together. This means that the couple could still be together.


However, all other signs, like Travis's bachelor status behavior and recent news of Kylie moving to New York point to a break-up. 

It seems like there's no definitive proof of a break-up, much like there's no solid proof of a pregnancy. Whatever (and whenever) the status of their relationship turns out to be the real deal, we can guarantee that Kylie and Travis are a pair that will keep us guessing. 

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