12 Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Clues And Rumors (From Kylie And Kim Themselves)

The reality TV star still has yet to confirm if she's pregnant or not.

Kylie Jenner pregnancy, gender hinted by Kardashians Instagram

All eyes are on the Kardashians and the Jenners as rumors have been circling for months that not one. but three of the sisters are pregnant.

While Kim Kardashian announced she's expecting a girl via a surrogate, her other sisters, Khloe and Kylie are neither confirming nor denying their suspected pregnancies. Khloe has been keeping quiet, but 20-year-old Kylie Jenner has only been fueling the fire by consistently being photographed in public with baggy clothes and posting some Instagrams that might suggest she's pregnant and what her rumored future baby's gender might be.



Though Kylie and her family are refusing to directly answer if she's pregnant or not, the reality TV star and beauty mogul has been dropping some serious social media hints. If the rumors are true, this will be her first child, and the father would be her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. 


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Rumor has it that Kylie and have been laying low since she became pregnant, which has only made the world more curious. Twitter all but blows up every time she drops another "hint" on social media. 

While fans can’t stop coming to the conclusion that Kylie is pregnant and hinting about her little one’s gender, no one can agree on whether or not she's having a boy or a girl. 

The KUWTK stars know how to keep people interested, and they — a.k.a. Kris Jenner — are doing a damn good job. Side note: that woman could manage the world.


So while we wait for Kylie or Kris or any of the famous K's to confirm the pregnancy, let’s take a closer look at the hints the reality TV star family has been giving that's keeping us on our toes: 


1. When Kylie posted a picture of pink everything on her Instagram.


This was posted on Kylie's Instagram in November, which would have made her far along enough to know the gender of her baby. Some fans questioned her if this photo was evidence that Baby Jenner is a girl.


2. And this picture with the sign for female as a caption.


Come on, Kylie! That's basically giving it away. 

She could just be showing her support for women altogether, but she's also could be announcing her baby's gender in the most subtle way possible.  

3. Yet another pink post on Kylie's Instagram.



OK. All this pink has to mean something, right? It's not related to her makeup line, so it makes you wonder if the color placement is intentional for *other* reasons. 


4. When Kim Kardashian went on The Ellen Show.

Kim accidentally spilled the beans about her own baby's gender on air with Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month. She also explained that she wasn't allowed to speak on her sister's behalf about any rumors, so she left Kylie's pregnancy it up in the air.


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5. When Kylie Snapchatted new products.

Hold up, Ky. I thought we were leaning toward a more pink spectrum? And then you hit us with this caption on your Snapchat?! 

"Which one? I'm thinking blue," she wrote with a blue heart at the end. Could Baby Jenner actually be a boy?


6. And then she chose the blue one!


She chose the BLUE phone case! Is she just trying to throw us off the trail or is she having a boy? 

7. But Thanksgiving happened, and it was all pink.


That's a lot of pink. Pink chairs, pink-framed photos on the wall, and pink flowers? Does anyone see a theme here? It may be a coincidence, but with all of the rumors going around it makes you wonder. 

8. Kylie also hinted to her pregnancy with cookies.

Kim K. shared these photos of the Turkey-themed desserts Kylie had out. The one in the middle, which got its own close-up, is a pregnant turkey.


Yes, you read that right. You have to give Kylie some creativity points for that one.

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9. Don't forget this nothing-but-pink holiday Snapchat.

Surprise! Here are some more pink-colored items from Kylie's Snapchat. This is a set for a holiday-themed campaign, but it also looks a lot like a hidden message to a good number of the makeup guru's followers.


10. She's also reminiscing about pink hair.

Kylie posted this throwback on Snapchat and it's got us wondering why she misses her pink hair, specifically? We need details girl!

11. Kylie's at it again on Snapchat.


Pink nails are a theme with Ky, and here she added almost every pink sticker she could find onto the photo. Snapchat might be her true giveaway.

12. And lastly, Kylie Jenner's not-so-secret baby shower.

Kylie seemed to have held a secret baby shower just after Kim threw her baby a grand shower. With much of the same decor, we can only assume Kylie is having a girl. 


There were pink flowers everywhere!

Kylie's social media accounts have all seemed to have a pink theme lately and we can only speculate as to why until the baby is here early next year.

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