Exactly What Makes People Fall For You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality

This is your most irresistible personality trait.

Exactly What Makes People Fall For You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality getty

What makes people fall in love with you? Have you ever stopped to wonder if there are certain traits, or if its just chemical and basis attraction? It's probably a combination of both. But there are certainly some specific characteristics that stand out with your personality that makes you irresistible. 

Maybe it's your intelligence. You have a way with words that makes them sound almost like they are poetic. You always seem to know what to do and are never at a loss with solutions to problems. 


Maybe it's your creativity. Your outlook on life makes everything seem more magical. Your viewpoints are unique and refreshing. It is easy to admire your spirit.  

Maybe it's your courage. The way you are fearlessly living life with no apologies, restrictions or hesitations. Your bravery is something that most people only dream of having.

Each Myers Briggs personality type has an irresistible personality trait that catches everyone's eyes. Whatever it is about you that draws people in, it is special because it is yours. Embrace your qualities good and bad because the only person in the world that has those qualities are YOU. Now, how special is that? 



Your intelligence.



They love your visionary ideas for seeing what others couldn’t, your stimulating conversation that keeps them on their toes, your blunt honesty that goes straight to the point, your worldly and fascinating perspective that reveals your insightful mind lurking behind your calm personality.


Your creativity.

They love your endless optimism for seeing the good in the most hopeless situation, your vivid imagination as evident in your artistic endeavors, your deep contemplation about life, and your ceaseless kindness that you extend to everyone you meet.


Your idealism.

They love your strong morals and principles that guide you in your decision-making, your unfaltering determination to stand up for what you believe in, your zeal to make the world a better place, and your boundless compassion that everyone deserves a second chance.


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Your passion.

They love your loyalty to always put them as a priority, your altruism to help everyone selflessly without any return, your leadership to ensure a sense of direction and clarity, and your charisma that brings people together in an uplifting manner.



Your devotion.

They love your unyielding integrity for choosing to do the right thing no matter the circumstances, your stability to giving them the best you have, your efficiency in any task assigned to you, your steely dedication to your career and your unwavering love to them.

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Your fearlessness.

They love your spontaneity for living and being at ease right in the moment, your boldness to dive right into action, your sharp observation in noticing any small changes of them, and your daring nature that makes being with you, their biggest adventure yet.



Your curiosity.

They love your limitless imagination to find a solution, your hunger to being a student of life and to learn about anything and everything around you, your reasoning for providing practical advice, and your commitment to settling down with them.


Your reliability.

They love your dedication to materialize every promise you make into reality, your leadership in providing guidance and direction to those in need, and your go-getter approach in embracing challenges and turning adversity into eventual success.



Your resolution.

They love how driven and disciplined you are to achieve your ambition and fulfill your goals, your shrewdness to think on your feet and make rapid decisions, and your confidence in your abilities and work that attract them to you.


Your free-spirit.

They love your energy to be the life of the party and how you seek to encourage and motivate others, your inspiration to find satisfaction in every aspect of your life, and your freedom to build the life you want at your own term.


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Your empathy.

They love your intuition to connect and bond well with anyone, your flexibility in adapting to new changes, your meticulous nature in proving high quality and unrivaled work, and your heart of gold in giving everyone the best you have.


Your confidence.

They love your brilliance in problem-solving and rise above any challenges, your wisdom in imparting sound and valuable knowledge, your will-power to execute your plans and make them successful, and your charisma to attract people together.


Your individuality.


They love your fluid and easy-going personality that can get along well with everyone, your adventurous spirit to explore and see where your heart lies, and your nonconformist thinking that set you apart from everyone else.


Your authenticity.

They love your eloquence and leadership personality for guidance, your passion in standing up for all your ideas and belief, your strong communicative skills to unite and inspire others, and your optimism to believe the best in people.



Your drive.

They love your sensitivity that connects you to others’ emotions, your aspiration to find meaning in everyday life and creating a life that doesn’t just look good on paper but one that you’re proud of, and your quirky thinking that keep them on the edge.


Your energy.

They love your generosity to share your time and happiness with them, your strong pillar of support to be there for them, your enthusiasm to make every mundane moment an exciting memory, and your simplicity to cherish life and its abundance of blessing with them.

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