These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Fun People To Be Around

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Fun Zodiac Sign Center Of Attention

Have you ever met someone who was an absolute blast to be around? According to astrology, there are some SUPER fun zodiac signs who LOVE to be the center of attention. People are just naturally attracted to them.

Like, whenever you heard of a crazy party going down or heard your phone ringing on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you just knew it was that one friend who always has something fun up their sleeve.

And you also knew that whatever you did together, it was going to end up being the best night of your life.

I know someone just like that – and I don’t know how she does it. She’s either always going to a party (or more than one in one night), hosting a party, or telling me she can’t text at the moment because she decided to go to Coachella or to Tokyo for a week – all true stories, by the way.

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But it never mattered if we were in her basement playing Mario Kart or downtown having drinks and dancing, she has always been so fun to be around.

There are a lot of zodiac signs that are fun to be around, but only a few that are THIS fun. It’s probably safe to say that most zodiac signs have their limits when it comes to crazy nights on the town or even just having fun at home.

But being someone who is always fun to be around isn’t just about having wild nights every weekend and doing things not every person would do.

It’s also just about how it feels to be with them.

These friends – or zodiac signs – always know how to make you laugh, always make sure you’re comfortable with their plans if you’re going to tag along (the last thing they need is someone ditching them halfway through the night), and also know that fun can come anything and anywhere.

Oh, and, while these zodiac signs know that everything is more fun when they’re surrounded by their best friends, they aren’t afraid to go out and have fun alone.

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Something else that makes these signs different from any other sign that likes to party or have fun is that they tend to get along with pretty much everyone they meet – and they know how to adapt to any personality.

Take my friend, for example. In high school, she was friends with the band geeks, the smart kids, the popular kids, the art students – I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t one person who didn’t like her.

And she could have fun with any of these groups because all she cared about was having a good time with friends, not trying to fit in. Anyway, clearly, this girl is awesome to me.

And so are these zodiac signs who aren’t just fun to be around, but are a total blast.

ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Fun Zodiac Sign Center Of Attention

Aries, you love to have fun, but your idea of fun is a little different than others’ – and not everyone can handle it. Your idea of fun is pushing your limits and thinking outside the box, which actually makes you more fun to be around, not less. You love the phrase “I’ll try anything once!” because it really speaks to you and how you like to live.

When you have fun, you look for two things: a way to try something new every time you go out and a way to make memories that will last for a long time (and make great stories, too). You know that you have more fun when you’re with your best friends, so whenever you’re concocting your next big weekend, you always brainstorm in the group chat. This makes everyone feel included and gets everyone psyched for the weekend.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Fun Zodiac Sign Center Of Attention

Libra, you love to have fun, especially if you’re surrounded by your best friends. You know that you may be a little out of control at some times, but when you’re with the people you have the most fun with, you can’t always help yourself. Granted, you can have fun by yourself anytime, but when you have a chance to hang out with your friends, you like to go all out.

You especially love a party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small get-together during the week or a huge blowout on Friday night, if you hear about a party, you’re totally in. What makes you so fun is that you’re not one to concern yourself with serious thoughts because they only bring you down. So, when you’re having fun, you’re completely present, which makes you that much more fun to be around.

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

Fun Zodiac Sign Center Of Attention

Sagittarius, you’re the friend that everyone thinks of first when deciding what to do and who to invite. There’s something about your infectious need to inject fun into every situation and the way you’re drawn to excitement like a moth to a flame that makes you so much fun to be around. And the best part is that you know you’re fun, too, which means you try hard to make every party and group outing full of smiles and laughs.

You absolutely hate to be bored, so you tend to bounce around from person to person, and party to party, so that you’re never caught in a boring situation (or a total snooze-fest). Especially on weekend nights when everyone is off work and you have the whole night to have fun, you like to be the ringleader and let everyone know that you’re in charge of finding the fun. Your carefree attitude makes these fun nights even better.

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