How To Go Vegan In One Week: A 7-Day Detox Plan

Easy, simple, painless.

How To Go Vegan In One Week

You can’t miss all of the media hoopla surrounding the dangers of commercially-raised meats and seafood and the health benefits of going without animal products in your diet. It’s also impossible not to hear about the latest, healthy-looking celeb whose gone vegan and loves it. However, the idea of going vegan yourself can be hugely intimidating. No meat, no butter, no milk, no fish? What about my tacos, my stir-fry, my favorite sandwiches? Here's some truths about going vegan:


1. Going vegan can seem intimidating. 

Let’s be straight and upfront about it: going vegan means giving up certain foods, but it doesn’t mean giving up great meals or going hungry all the time. In fact, there are thousands of fantastic recipes out there for vegan meals, everything from savory, exotic curries to decadent burgers and yes, even some amazing tacos.

The key to going vegan without going crazy or feeling deprived is to take it one step at a time: clean out your pantry, stock up on plenty of vegan options, and collect some fab recipes.

2. Make going vegan an adventure.

Look at the whole endeavor as an adventure. Be open to exploring new cuisines like Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern or Greek foods. Act like a tourist in a foreign country when you go to the supermarket or farmer’s market and check out exotic or unfamiliar ingredients. Have fun and get ready to discover a whole new world of tastes and you won’t even think about what you’ve cut from your diet.


3. Reap great benefits without feeling deprived. 

You’ll open yourself up to discovering all kinds of new favorite foods. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re going something great for your heart, your immune system and your weight. If you stick to home-cooking the first week (we recommend it), you’ll save a ton of money on fast food and overpriced restaurant meals.

Most people who have been eating a typical American diet of processed foods, sugar, red meat and starches report that just a few days of vegan eating left them feeling energized with more stable moods, fewer cravings, better focus and better sleep. Going vegan isn’t about giving up good things; it’s about discovering lots of new good things and doing something great for your health at the same time.

4. Do it right by keeping it simple and easy.


The best way to try vegan eating and see if the lifestyle fits your lifestyle is to keep it simple, remove all the guesswork and have a good time with it. I’ve made that easy-peasy with our 7 Days to Vegan Plan. We take you through your first week of vegan living one day at a time and one step at a time. We also give you some great ideas for substituting healthy vegan choices and finding lots of new favorite foods.

By the end of the week, you’ll be totally vegan-y and feeling amazing.

Visit to grab the 1-page printable plan. This may seriously be the best way to try on Veganism for a week…and make it stick forever.