Horrible New Details About The 'Shark Tank' Star Accused Of Raping His Ex-Girlfriend At An Underground Sex Club

Danielle Vasinova has filed a lawsuit against Robert Herjavec for rape and sodomy.

Shark Tank Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec, one of the infamous sharks on the TV show Shark Tank has been accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Vasinova. 

According to Vasinova, in 2015 Herjavec took her to an underground sex club in Los Angeles and had sex with other women. He told her he wanted her to participate, and when she refused, he violently raped her. 

The 55-year-old shark filed a lawsuit against her for making false sex assault claims about him and was trying to shake him down for $20 million dollars. She filed a countersuit making horrific allegations that he repeatedly raped and sodomized her during their relationship. 


“He became angry and overpowered her, pinned her to a table, violently disrobed her, forcefully grabbed her face and jaw to hold her down and engaged in ‘injurious sexual intercourse and sodomy,'” her lawsuit reads. 

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The 35-year-old model also claims that the business tycoon shoved her from inside a balcony, threw her across a table and raped her in an attack in 2015. And the next morning, she says he grabbed her by her throat in a fit of aggression and prevented her from breathing freely while they engaged in sexual intercourse.


Vasinova also said that when they started dating, he pressured her to put her modeling career on hold and promised to marry her and take care of her financially. But they broke up and instead he married his partner on "Dancing With The Stars," Kym Johnson. They fell in love while competing during season 20 of the show in 2015. 

She's suing him for sexual battery, domestic violence and infliction of emotional distress that occurred during their relationship that began in 2014. Herjavec's lawyer, Lee Hotton, says he client denies the allegations. 

"The allegations are false and with the sole intent for monetary gain," Hutton said. "My client has had enough and will not tolerate extortion.”


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He's suing her for intentional infliction of emotional distress and public disclosure of private faces. According to Herjavec, Vasinova gave paid interviews to tabloids about their personal life and sold a racy picture of him in a sex club without his personal knowledge or consent. 

While it's not clear what Vasinova is suing Herjavec for, he's suing her for only $1. 


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