What Does 'Trill' Mean? A Simple Guide To The Slang Internet Term Everyone's Using

what does trill mean

If there are two things I love on this planet (and there are, so go me I guess) it's slang and the internet. When these two things come together it's better than accidentally dipping your chocolate chip cookie in peanut butter (that's right, "accidentally"... your dirty little secret is safe with me). 

Lately, if you have spent any time at all on the web, particularly in the social media world of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram to name but a few corners, you've probably noticed a few new words being dropped and by new I very much mean new to you and also me, including the word "trill." But what does trill mean?

See, once you're out of your 20s, slang is like a slutty top at Forever 21. Sure, you can fit into it and yeah the color does show off your eyes, but you're also a grown woman with no real reason to have such an item in your closet. 

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While I cannot advise the purchasing of such items of clothing, I can advise you to research your internet slang so that you don't feel like a total dingus when your 15-year-old niece is like, "Auntie B, you're so trill," and you get pissed thinking she's dissing you when actually she's just singing your praises. 

Learn from my ridiculous mistake: when hip millennials and even hipper teens (god help us all) use the word "trill" on the internet, they aren't being jerks. I mean, they are not being jerks any more so then they usually are throughout the duration of their teenage years.

Trill is a combination of the words "true" and "real." When someone say's "you're trill," they're saying you're exceptionally real — real as in authentic and fierce, not real as in you happen to exist, just so we're all clear on that. 

Like a lot of slang words being used by the kids today, "trill" has actually been a huge part of African American vernacular language since the late 1980s. It was a huge part of the hip-hop scene, with rappers using it to identify how hard their various crews and neighborhoods are. Rapper A$AP Rocky even released a mixtape in 2013 called "Trill."

When you say someone's trill, it's like saying they are "hard" or "gangster," only it doesn't make you sound eight million years old. Wanna rep the streets? Then you live trill as hell. 

So, there's your history lesson. Now for some dank memes to help you understand how to use the word the next time you feel so inclined on the web! 

1. Forget saying "preach." We're saying "trill" now. 

2. Looks innocent, but ain't so innocent! 

3. Even your fav cartoons are trill as heck.

4. Trill is not a drug, but if you do drugs, you might be called trill.

5. Don't let the memes fool you... neither Patrick nor Spongebob are trill. 

6. You heard it here first.

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7. This movie would be 100 percent better than the original. 

8. You know it's reached meme-worthy status when Tyson pops up.

9. Cheesy? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes.

10. Words to live by. 

11. So good. 

12. Forget the Hill, she's queen of the trill. 

13. ...or a jerk, but to each their own. 

14. And your mama looks very pleased about this. 

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