What Does 'Lowkey' Mean? Plus, The 20 Funniest Lowkey Memes

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If you're like me, you've noticed that there are a lot of words to learn these days.

If you ever find yourself feeling completely out of touch with Millennial and Gen Z slang and the latest cool words to use on social media, you're not alone. They are everywhere. From Instagram to Twitter to TikTok, it seems like every day there's a new slang term to learn. 

Just the other day, I was scrolling through the comments on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts and literally had to Google half the terms people wrote. All I had were questions. Am I even cool anymore? Am I lame?

Oh my God, am I officially old?!

One such word that's become more pervasive in everyday life is the term "lowkey." Lowkey-highkey memes are all over the Internet these days, so let’s get you in on what they mean.

What does lowkey mean?

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Now, you've probably heard the phrase low-key before, meaning restrained or low-intensity.

But these days, the slang meaning of lowkey, often seen as lowkey kinda, is sort of like a secret truth.

Finding strong footing in hip hop songs like "Only" by Drake and "lowkey" by NIKI, according to Urban Dictionary, lowkey can be defined as similarly as having low emotional intensity or secretly.

Highkey is obviously the opposite — what's obvious is highkey.

If you didn’t see that coming, I don’t think there’s any hope for you my friend. Highkey is something you want everyone to know.

Get it? Ok, great.

Now, to make sure you really know how to use lowkey/highkey properly in a sentence while hanging out with the cool crowd, check out the best highkey and lowkey memes. 

1. "When you're at the pool with your friends and you're lowkey drowning because you can't swim but you don't want to ruin the fun."

2. "Me: 'I hate drama.' Me when there's drama: lowkey live for drama"

3. "When you wanna be romantic but you lowkey hungry."

4. "When you lowkey know your son did 9/11."

5. "Y'all ever watch a scene so embarrassing that you gotta turn the volume down altogether and wait for it to be over? Secondhand embarrassment is highkey worse than being embarrassed yourself."

6. "Lowkey always thinking about you. Highkey never gonna let you know."

7. "John Legend look like Arthur lowkey."

8. "When Snapchat lowkey tryna see what dat mouf do."

9. "When you're a savage but you're lowkey emotional & just wanna be held."

10. "When he going off on you and you lowkey turned on."

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11. "When your jokes are lowkey full of existential dread and your friends start to ask if you're OK."

12. "When bae's texting someone and you're lowkey creeping like."

13. "When you're soft but got an attitude. Highkey me"

14. "When you a high school student but you lowkey wanna be a toaster."

15. "When you're single and not worrying about someone cheating on you, but you highkey lonely and miserable asf."

16. "When someone makes a joke about something you're lowkey insecure about."

17. "Lowkey my fav thing about this season is how all the half drank water bottles in da car suddenly become the perfect temp and drinkable again."

18. "Man got too much time on his hands but I'm lowkey entertained by it."

19. "When you and your best friend lowkey roasting someone in public."

20. "When you're highkey feeling yourself."

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