15 Signs You're Dating A Spoiled Brat (And It's Time To End Your Relationship)

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signs of a spoiled brat

The dating scene is weird on so many levels. On one hand, I can honestly say that there are a lot of people who are way too good for the people that they date. These people are often victimized by the dating scene, and end up becoming extremely bitter people if they can’t find a decent partner in time.

Then, there are others: the brats. These are the people who take advantage of good people and often end up causing way more harm than good. They’re self-centered, and they actually don’t really understand that other people have feelings. They are brats, pure and simple, and they think they deserve a lot more than they actually do.

Brats are not worth the time of day. They don’t care about anyone but themselves, and don’t even view the opposite sex as human beings. Worried you’re dating someone with bratty behavior? Then you should watch out for these signs of a spoiled brat.

1. He has weight requirements for his girlfriend.

Did he say that he needs to have a girlfriend who’s under a certain weight limit? This is basically the male version of women saying that they need to have a man over 6 feet tall — and yes, both versions are equally bratty.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a person who’s slender, but if they actually list an exact number of pounds, they’re going overboard.

2. You’ve seen him tear down women who didn’t fit his “mold.”

A man who has no problem berating a woman who isn’t up to par or treats women terribly if they aren’t “his type” is a man who’s a brat and totally undeserving of any kind of love. If he’ll do it to them, he’ll do it to you once you no longer fit his idea of a good mate.

3. He’s been known to say really misogynistic things.

Nope! That’s a big ol’ red flag right there. At best, he’s ignorant. At worst, he’s openly showing you that he thinks he’s more important than you, and that he’ll treat you as such.

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4. When he visits you, he starts demanding you do things you don’t want to do.

There’s something innately bratty about a man who shows up to YOUR place and demands you make him dinner. Just saying, he might be better off being hungry for a bit.

5. He makes a scene in public or in front of your friends, but calls you “unreasonable” or “crazy” when you say you no longer want to see him.

Just saying, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be seen with a public embarrassment. Perhaps he should find someone who has a bullsh*t tolerance higher than you do? After all, you probably don’t deserve the burden of having to deal with his BS.

6. If you tell him you don’t want to do something, he pouts or plays the victim until you cave.

From personal experience, tell him to either put up or grab a tampon. That’s bratty, manipulative emotional blackmail, and no one has time for that.

7. You notice that he has Nice Guy Syndrome.

He talks about how “nice guys finish last” and how “women only want jerks.” You get the feeling that he plays the victim, despite not being that nice to you at all.

Yep, Nice Guys are spoiled brats, too. That’s why they’re usually single and why they should stay that way.

8. He acts like going out with you is a chore, rather than a privilege.

Yeah, if anyone thinks they’re too good for you, chances are very high that you’re actually too good for them, and they’re just spoiled brats who don’t realize what they have.

9. You constantly find him telling you to do more and more, just for him to commit to you or stay with you.

This is a point that goes beyond brat and delves into the realm of user, especially if what he’s asking you to do doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Should you find yourself in this situation, tell him to kick rocks. It’s better to be alone than to be with this kind of leech.

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10. People ask you why you tolerate his BS.

If people are voicing your concern, that’s a good cue to step back and look at your life. This is one of the major signs of a spoiled brat — and an abusive one, at that.

11. What he wants in a girlfriend or wife, and what he can offer aren’t anywhere near the same level.

He wants a model who has a prestigious job and a good standing. He’s a potbellied dropout with a terrible job and an even more terrible rep.

Bratty? Yes. Worth your time? Absolutely not!

12. You regularly feel like you owe him, despite you logically not having any reason to owe him anything.

This is often a sign that he’s guilting you and manipulating you into doing what he wants. And guess what? That’s a sign he’s a brat who tries to manipulate girls into doing what he says, or who feels like he’s entitled to more than what he really deserves.

13. He regularly talks about how “he could do better” or says stuff that insinuates that you’re not deserving of his time.

To be fair, he’s right. He could do better for humanity by just checking out of the dating scene. You don’t deserve to be near such an insufferable twat, either.

14. Everything about the relationship is lopsided and riddled with double standards.

You can’t stop working, but if he doesn’t want to work, it’s okay. He has a right to complain about your looks, but if you want to do the same, you’re shallow.

Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s not acceptable regardless of gender and it may be time to dump this foul brat.

15. You don’t feel like he really takes your feelings into consideration.

Relationships are a thing of “give and take.” If you’re always giving and he’s always taking, it’s time to call it quits. He’s being a brat and it’s not your job to be a martyr for him. 

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