If He Does These 7 Things, He Really Wants To Be With You

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signs a guy really likes you

A man's actions will let you know if he's serious about having a relationship with you.

Our generation sucks at relationships.

I get that, but don’t underestimate what efforts those of us who do believe in relationships put in when we are actively dating you. Sometimes we don’t realize just how ‘into’ us someone might be because we disregard the actions they’re showing based on the actions we think we should be seeing.

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Never fear though, as usual, I’m here to put some transparency in front of some of the things we might do that show you that we are dating you with good intention. It doesn’t mean they need you to want a committed relationship next week, but they are actively letting you know that they’re down for the ride. That they do want something out the two of you.

Let’s get into it!

1. They are dating you with intention if they introduce you to their real friends.

We all want our friends to meet #bae. That’s just the way it is–and there is nothing wrong with being proud of who you’re giving your time to and wanting to share that with others. They may not post you on social media just yet because the two of you are still in the process of dating, but still they introduce you to their close friends and possibly even family members.

2. They are dating you with intention if they ask you on double dates.

It takes a great sense of pride to bring someone to a double date. Especially depending on the other couple you’re with. When they find out there is an opportunity for the two of you to go on a double date, it’s a big deal for most people. It took some gut to ask you to go in the first place; don’t undermine that.

It’s a time where they are introducing you to friends, but ‘date’ says couple–or at least potential couple. It says they don’t mind the two of you being seen together and it also says that you don’t mind either. It sends a really big message, especially if it’s made public!

3. They are dating you with intention if they are courting you.

Courting. A word our generation doesn’t know a whole lot about. Still, there are still some chivalrous men out there and quite a bit of ladies, in my opinion — we just have a lil’ ratchet to us. It’s all in the way you perceive the person you’re with.

Courting looks different to everyone, but the main thing you can see, no matter what type of courting, is the effort they are putting towards letting you know that at least one person in the world cares about you and your well-being. Don’t take this lightly.

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4. They are dating you with intention if they pay for things too.

I take paying for things pretty seriously. As a Millennial, we know all too well what its like to pinch pennies and dimes. Anyone that’s willing to spend their hard-earned money to treat you to a nice time is trying to send a message. Trust me. Don’t take it for granted, either.

Sure, there are some arrogant assholes out there — both male and female — who aren’t doing anything but boosting their own egos when they “ball out,” but you can tell someone who is spending their money for you [on you] and means something by it.

5. They are dating you with intention if they make efforts to help you prioritize.

When someone is dating you with intention, they want to be a part of your solutions, not your problems. If you’re open enough to tell them about the things you want to be better at and the goals you want to achieve, that person is sure to play an active role in making sure you do. They care if you’ve done your homework, whether or not you ate, if you’re day is not going so well… they want to be a part of making each day bright for you.

6. They are dating you with intention if they are active in your self-health.

As mentioned above, whether it’s someone who texts you something positive every morning to help you stay motivated or who keeps up with what and when you eat just to make sure you’re eating your daily squares, they want to help you improve. That’s someone worth keeping around, by the way.

7. They are dating you with intention if they put in work in the bedroom.

At the end of the day, nobody puts their ‘moves’ on anyone they don’t want to stick around. If you’re finding that the sex is amazing there is probably good intention behind it. This is someone who cares just as much about you getting off (if not more) as them getting off. They will do what is necessary to please you. And let’s face it… we all deserve to be with someone we have great sex with. Go with it!

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This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.