Does A Man's Penis Get Smaller As He Gets Older?

The answer — and the solution.

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It's possible he's imagining it. But it's possible it's really happening. He may be Googling things like "Does your penis get smaller as you age?" or "Is my penis shrinking?" but is struggling with the truth. Because, yes, penises can decrease in size as men age. 

It seems fair that as we sag, they would shrink. But what is exactly going on there?

"Penis size can shrink with age just as the rest of the body tends to deflate as the cells mature and the fat atrophies," says plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer


Wow, so it could be weight, blood flow, hormones, or something else. But the good news is, there's also a lot that can be done to help, from fillers to having hormones injected to changing your diet and exercise and even manscaping routines.

Life changes, in good ways and bad, as we age. That doesn't mean we have to feel bad about those changes, but there's always something that can be done. 


Here are 7 ways men can make their penises look bigger as they get older. 

1. Consider getting fillers to help fight shrinkage.

Dermal fillers — yes the same stuff we may use to make our face look younger — can help counteract this effect and actually have a collagen stimulating effect for longer-lasting results.

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2. Acknowledge your change in hormones.



"With the normal aging process, there is a drop in testosterone. This drop cause atrophy or shrinking of the penis," says Dr. Norman Rowe, a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in non-surgical penis enlargements

3. Learn about the possible conditions.

There is curious phenomenon of hidden or concealed penis.

"This can be congenital and occur in children. However, it is also a phenomenon with adult as they age. The penis becomes hidden or concealed by drooping skin, obesity or hanging abdominal fullness," Dr. Shafer warns.

4. Lose weight.


Gain weight, lose length. The reverse is true as well. The bigger that beer gut, the more penis length that will be concealed under the skin. No one wants that, so this may be the motivation needed to stick to a diet.

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5. Improve your blood flow.



Blood flow to penis does decrease with age, which will impact how big an erection is. Increasing blood flow can help and great ways to do this quickly are by quitting smoking and exercising more.

6. Get a tummy tuck.

"Some possible plastic surgery treatments include liposuction to remove the surrounding fat, tummy tuck to remove the hanging or loose skin, and weight loss to make more of the penis visible and not concealed under fat," says Dr. Shafer. "During a tummy tuck, the penis can also be repositioned and suspended in higher position giving the penis a more forward and prominent positioning to appear youthful and extended. This, combined with the removal of surrounding fat and/or loose skin, can considerably improve the appearance and positioning of the penis."

7. Weigh liposuction as an option.



"Liposuction prices depend on the the number of areas treated. However, a basic treatment can run in the range of $5,000. The price of tummy tuck also depends on the patient and any other procedure performed at the same time. Patients can expect price ranges from $10,000 to $18,000. And as with any treatment... these are not procedures that should be performed by untrained professionals or laypersons," says Dr. Shafer.

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