Why Your Farts Sometimes Get Trapped In Your Vagina

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why farts get trapped in your vagina

The human body is pretty strange. We go through the weirdest things sometimes and think, “I can’t possibly be the only one that has experienced this.”

Usually, that’s true. And when we go through the process of finding out if we’re the only person who’s had some weird experience with our body, we turn to the internet. 

Reddit user waitokwhat did just that by curiously posting in the SubReddit “TwoXChromosomes” wondering if anyone else had experienced the phenomena of when a “fart” comes out of your vagina, and some of the responses for why farts get trapped in your vagina were... interesting. 

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According to Broadly, this isn’t the same thing as a queef, like you’d think. The difference between what you know as a queef and what Reddit user waitokwhat is talking about is purely what comes out. A queef is trapped air in the vagina canal, and when it’s released, it’s just air. But now we’re talking about something entirely different: a vagina fart.

As the Reddit thread fills with a bunch of agreeing women, stating they’ve experienced the exact same thing the original poster goes through, names for the phenomena, jokes, and embarrassing stories about it began to flood.

One user, MixedNut, said she calls it “exiting through the gift shop.” Another said they call it “Pooter Cooter,” and suddenly that became my new favorite term.

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While some women may feel nervous about health concerns, Debby Herbenick of The Kinsey Institute told Broadly that there’s nothing to worry about.

"The body is cool/interesting/funny and the more we all accept our bodies and their sights and sounds and smells, and yes, fart movements too, the more relaxed we will be,” Herbenick says in regard to vagina farts.

After all of this, it’s important to remember how strange the human body is and to know that you’re not disgusting if you’ve experienced a “vart.” Plenty of other women have, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Instead, scroll through the Reddit thread and have a laugh with these ladies. 

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