13 Signs Your Man Is Unsatisfied In Bed And Disappointed With Your Sex Life

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signs your sex life sucks

While you may have your own two cents about your sex life with your partner, have you ever wondered if he is truly satisfied? I should hope that you would know without a doubt, but sometimes people miss big huge red flags, especially because most people won't flat out tell you, "Hey man, our sex life sucks."

But after speaking to some men, I got the scoop on the signs your sex life sucks and that he's not satisfied with your sexual relationship. If you notice any of these signs, stop and talk to your partner before it's too late, and he's packing his bags and romping in the sheets with another person.

Overall, the biggest consensus is that if he stops initiating or talking about sex, you two are in deep, deep trouble.

1. You two are drifting apart.

"I'll be more distant and initiate less and less."

2. He's not mentally present during sex.

"If our sex life sucks, I'll close my eyes more and look away so that I can summon up whatever fantasy is going to work to get me off, instead of being present with you."

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3. He randomly switches things up.

"One time, I was getting such bad oral sex from a woman that I turned the attention to her and tried to please her orally for the rest of the night rather than let her continue on. It was my polite way of handling it."

4. He tells you up front that your skills are lacking.

"I told her straight out, 'You're really bad at oral.'"

5. He puts on porn.

"If the sex is bad, I'll prefer having porn playing whenever we have sex. Like, every time."

6. He tries to get it over with.

"For me, if I rush it, that likely means I'm not finding the sex great. I am not a big fan of quickies. So if sex goes too fast, that means I don't love it."

7. He stops initiating.

"If I stop initiating, it's a sign the sex sucks."

8. He goes to bed earlier than you.

"If I look for reasons to go to bed at a different time than her, it may be because I'm avoiding sex!"

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9. He daydreams mid-coitus.

"If I think it sucks for whatever reason, I probably daydream during sex."

10. He refrains from sex completely.

"I'll avoid altogether if it sucks."

11. He doesn't touch you.

"Of all the signs your sex life sucks, the biggest one is when I don't initiate physical contact. When a man doesn't initiate it means one of two things: either he doesn't want you at all, or he wants you to initiate so he can feel wanted."

12. He zones out.

"When things aren't good in the sack, we pretty much just shut off, or at least I do. We watch TV, play with our phones — anything to avoid dealing with the problem, which is our sh*tty sex life."

13. He doesn't want to talk about sex. Period.

"I'll avoid even talking about sex if things aren't going well. I might laugh if she says something sexual, but instead of going after it, I'll just change the subject."

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