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DNA Results Reveal Whether The Remains Found In Aruba Belong To Natalee Holloway

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Natalie Halloway

Despite holding out hope that Dave Halloway could finally put his daughter to rest, it seems that closure is still far away. 

Four bone fragments that were discovered in Aruba where a friend of Joran van der Sloot claimed they took the body of Natalee Halloway were found not to be a match. 

The high school senior disappeared in 2005 on a graduation trip to Aruba, and it's long believed that van der Sloot murdered her. Police caught a break in the case years later when they tracked down John Ludwick, the man who says he helped the murderer dispose of Halloway's body. 

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In an interview for the docu-series, The Disappearance of Natalee Halloway, Ludwick said they cremated the teen's remains and scattered her ashes in the ocean. 

Daily Mail

Ludwick also confessed to burning Natalee's skull inside a cave in order to destroy any hair fibers. He said van der Sloot paid him $1,500 to dig up her body in 2010 and cremate it. 

After crushing up the bones, van der Sloot added in some dog remains and went to the crematorium. 

"I went in there with $200 cash and said: 'This dog means a lot to me and, freakin', I don't want anyone to be the last one to touch it except me. If I give you $200 can I push it in myself?'" Ludwick said. 

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The investigation that turned up the remains in Aruba was self-funded by Dave Halloway. He said it would be his last attempt to find his daughter. 

Daily Mail

Though van der Sloot has never been charged with Natalee's disappearance or murder, he did admit to giving her a drink. His roommate says that drink was laced with a date rape drug, and made the teen "foam at the mouth." 

His roommate also alleged that van der Sloot's father, Paulus van der Sloot, helped them bury the body. He was also never charged with anything and died in 2010.

Van der Sloot is currently serving a 28-year sentence for murdering Stephany Flores Ramirez, a 21-year-old student, in 2010. 

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