Details About The Incredibly Brave New Mother Who Took A Bullet Protecting Critically Wounded Boyfriend During The Las Vegas Massacre

Thankfully, they're both expected to be okay.

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Summer Clyburn and Michael Garcia were doing what most of those attending the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas were doing: enjoying the jams of Jason Aldean. 

But the couple's fun night out quickly turned tragic when a lone gunman opened fire on the concert from the 32nd flood of the Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel, killing 59 people and injuring more than 500. 

Garcia, a 24-year-old off-duty police officer, was shot in the head, and 22-year-old Clyburn was shot in the back while covering his wounded body. 


The California couple has a 3-month-old daughter together named Vayda Gracia.  

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Both of the young parents were rushed to the hospital after the shooting. 


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Clyburn was treated for a gunshot wound to her back, but thankfully it was not life-threatening. Garcia suffered a serious brain injury and was rushed to surgery.

He is in critical, but stable condition.

A GoFundMe page for the couple has already raised over $65,000 to help them pay for their medical bills and recovery. 

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"Michael Gracia (Mikey) fellow bearcat from class of 2011 was shot last night at the Vegas shooting which is the biggest massacre in the United States to date," the GoFundMe story reads. "Michael was shot in the head and was taken to surgery where it was successful but he’s going to have a long road of recovery."


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"Summer, his girlfriend and mother of his child, covered him while he was hurt which got her shot as well. The love between those two are real and they are new parents and new parents shouldn’t be going through this."

Over 1,000 people donated to the campaign, and though the goal was originally $50,000, it's since been increased to $75,000. 


In a time of so much grief, at least we have these stories of love, bravery and hope to hold on to. 

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