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Is Meghan Markle Faking A British Accent? Listen To The Video That Has Everyone Wondering

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Does Meghan Markle Have A Fake British Accent? Details Video Meghan Markle Faking British Accent

There's no doubt Meghan Markle had a hard time fitting into the Royal family. 

Between being dogged by the press for crossing her legs in front of the Queen and attempting to grab her husband's hand in public (how dare she), the new Duchess of Sussex is in a prolonged period of adjustment. 

While many of her faux pas are v relatable, this latest one has people wondering if she's gone too far.

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A video posted to Twitter shows Meghan greeting and interacting with the British public with what some are saying is a slight British accent. So is Meghan Markle faking a British accent to fit in with the royal family?

Listen below. Do you hear a difference?

The video, which was posted to Twitter June 14 by Aya El Zeiny, had people noticing Markle's slight change in accent and started to speculate that she's picking up on Prince Harry's. 

Most people — myself included — picked up on the difference while listening to her say "Thank you." And this isn't the first time fans have noticed a difference. 

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In January 2018, a video of Meghan and Harry addressing a crowd had people questioning her accent. However, when she spoke to people alone in June, it became more apparent. 

While some fans are criticizing her for making such a sudden change, it's probably not an act. Sociolinguist Jennifer Nycz told Atlas Obscura that little shifts in our voices can happen when we're constantly mirroring the people we're around. 

And if Meghan's been constantly surrounded by a British-speaking royal family, it's no surprise her voice is changing. 

“It’s not always obvious, but we all make these little shifts depending on who we’re talking to, what we’re talking about, the way we feel about what we’re talking about, and any number of other things,” Nycz said. 

Neither Meghan nor the royal family has commented on the duchess' accent rumors. 

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