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The Awful Text Messages An Indiana Teen Sent Boyfriend Before She Tried To Kill Her 11-Week Old Niece By Poisoning Bottle Of Breast Milk

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Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda was angry. She was mad that her brother, his fiancee and their 11-week-old child were going to be staying longer than planned at the home she shared with her grandmother in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Unsatisfied with her home life, the 19-year-old devised a plot to get back at her family by killing the infant. 

According to WANE.com, Rodriguez-Miranda's grandmother discovered text messages her granddaughter had sent her boyfriend in January 2017. She shares a cell phone with her grandmother and her grandmother monitors her usage. 

The conversation included text messages about crushing up acetaminophen and sleeping pills and mixing it in a bottle of breast milk in a sick plot to murder her niece. 

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In the messages, Rodriguez-Miranda reportedly sent pictures of a mortar and pestle with white powder and said she put the deadly breast milk back in the refrigerator.

Daily Mail 

"I put the stuff in a made bottle in the fridge,'' one of the text messages read according to the Daily Mail. "Yeah I thought it was funny that I don't have an ounce of guilt."

In one particularly incriminating and awful message, Rodriquez-Miranda describes mixing up the crushed pills and said: "I hope she dies."

She also reportedly texted to her boyfriend that "she was destined to grow up (expletive) or be abused." 

"I'd never be a suspect I know but I hope it works," she later said.

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After her grandmother — though sources like the Daily Mail are also reporting it was Rodriguez-Miranda's mother — found the text messages, she looked in the fridge and found a baby bottle that was "off coloring." She brought it to the police. 

Daily Mail

Though her grandmother (or mother, we're not 100% sure) told Rodriguez-Mirando to come home to speak to police, she instead fled with her boyfriend to Michigan. 

But not before texting him: "Why didn't that baby die dude thats dumb."

She's currently still at large, but she was charged this week with one felony count of attempted murder. The baby was taken to the hospital and determined to be healthy and not poisoned. 

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