10 Subtle Signs A Man Is Carrying A Broken Heart

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signs his heart is broken

Split in half.

You've met this great guy, but there is something about him that just doesn't seem quite right. Is it his mood? Does he seem hesitant around you? Does he talk about the ex periodically and when he does it's like he's sulking?

Before you become someone's rebound and end up with your own broken heart, here are 10 signs his heart is broken and you need to beware before dating him.

1. He talks about his ex like he's injured.

We all talk about our exes now and again. That's normal as long as it's not frequent. But when your new dude talks about his ex, he talks like he or she killed his cat or slashed his tires.

2. He's very hesitant to commit.

He seems very into you but is extremely vague when talking about the future. It seems like he can't decide what he wants: to keep you at a distance or to bring you closer. That hesitation to commit may be a sign he's still broken-hearted.

3. He makes jaded comments about love.

When he talks about love, he sounds like a scorned teenage boy who will never believe in a happy ending. You feel a little like he's been listening to too much Morrissey or The Smiths and wonder why he's so downtrodden over love. Well, he's that way because he's still broken over someone that crushed his dreams and heart.

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4. He acts like the International Man of Mystery.

Your new love interest is more mysterious than a Rubik's cube. The guy seems like he's trying to conjure up James Dean or for a nineties throwback. You don't know that much about him and as you attempt to get to know this man, it's sometimes, especially on personal matters, like pulling teeth.

5. He alternates between being emotionally available and emotionally unavailable.

Sometimes, he's your go-to for everything and communicates with you openly and freely. Other times, he's cryptic and busy or noncommittal. He seems pulled by inner conflict.

6. He has trust issues.

The man trusts you to a point, but he may second guess you or question you, only to then apologize for doing so. He's not controlling — no, no, no that would be a terrible thing. Instead, he has trust issues and he admits it.

He feels bad for doubting you but has a hard time with trust. This is one of the signs his heart is broken and is struggling to move past his pain.

7. His bad stories all revolve around his ex.

Does every dark sad tale start and end with his ex? Does he recount these tales during arguments with you? Does he recount them when out socially? Oh man, are you rebound city if he does. Back up and run.

8. He compares you to his ex.

Are you metaphorically side by side with his ex, being compared, trait-by-trait? Not only is this very bad for your relationship, but it's bad for your self-esteem. It's also a dangerous habit for him to get into, as he will be unable to heal and move forward.

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9. He tells you he'll never commit again.

Absolute statements like that are negative and also not realistic. And if he feels that turned away from intimacy and connection, you don't want to get any closer to him than you are. In fact, you should not get involved with him if his idea of love is that fatalistic.

10. He has a horrible self-image.

He talks about himself in a very negative fashion and seems anxious. He often wonders why you even like him and he rarely says anything positive about himself. He radiates low self-esteem from every pore in his skin.


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