These 22 Frida Kahlo Tattoos Are Badass Pieces Of Art

Photo: latina
25 Badass Frida Kahlo Tattoos That Are Total Pieces Of Art

Some inspiration for your next ink!

By Daniela Galvez

There no denying Frida Kahlo is one of the most revolutionary artists in the world. Even six decades after her death, the Mexican artist’s paintings continue to be used to explore questions on societal roles, like gender, class, and identity.

Since our skin is the ultimate canvas, why not forever immortalize our favorite painter?

From a teeny-tiny finger tattoo to an intricate sleeve, we’ve rounded 22 of our favorite Frida Kahlo tattoos that are works of art themselves.

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Colorful Frida Kahlo with a flower crown

This visibly stunning creation you'll want to rock on your skin. 

A Frida Kahlo / skull mashup

Because life is too short to not pay homage to your favorite artist. 

A colorful homage to Frida Kahlo

This colorful tattoo that will turn your arm into a painting. 

This one even references a Frida Kahlo quote.

"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?" -Frida Kahlo

A beautiful half sleeve tattoo idea.

A relatively simple tattoo that makes a huge statement.

An awesome black and white Frida Kahlo portrait.

This amazing tat that looks like it was done by Frida herself. 

All you need is the eyebrows to know EXACTLY who this is.

A brow-tastic creation you'll love to rock! 

Another beautiful black and white look.

This beautiful abstract geometric creation. 

A colorful portrait.

A beautiful portrait that will make you say "ink me."

A strong take on Frida Kahlo's flower crown.

This badass black and white shoulder piece.

A beautiful watercolor piece.

A vibrant watercolor tattoo that will frame your arm.

Cartoonized Frida Kahlo.

This unique spin on the artist's self-portrait.

The color and detail in this tattoo are amazing!

This incredibly detailed tattoo for those who aren’t afraid of some color.

A Frida Kahlo geometric tattoo.

A geometric masterpiece for the untraditional gal. 


Because sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. 

Taking some inspiration from Frida herself.

A gorgeous homage to Frida Kahlo’s painting, “The Wounded Deer.”

A simple finger tattoo immortalizing Frida Kahlo's eyebrows.

This beautiful finger tattoo highlighting Frida’s infamous brows. 

A cute ankle tattoo.

A small ankle tattoo that could easily be hidden from your abuela.

A small finger tattoo LOADED with detail.

This super detailed finger tattoo. 

Frida and Diego.

Because no Frida Kahlo tattoo would be complete without Diego Rivera. 

Minimalistic, dot work tattoos are so in.

This minimalistic dot-work masterpiece.

A wonderful portrait tattoo.

A hyper realistic piece that will definitely make everyone look twice! 


This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.