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Horrifying Video And Details About Caleb Sharpe, The 15-Year-Old Freeman High School Shooter Who Killed A Classmate And Injured Others

Caleb Sharpe

On Sept. 14, a student walked into a hallway with a duffel bag filled with a pistol and a rifle at Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington and opened fire on his classmates, killing one and injuring three others. 

The shooter, who was identified as 15-year-old Caleb Sharpe, brought two weapons to the school, but the first one he tried fire jammed. He went on to the next weapon and shot a male student who walked up and tried to get the firearm away from him. He died. 

Sharpe fired more rounds down the hallway, striking three female students.

He didn't stop until a school custodian approached him and ordered him to surrender. 

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After that, the school's resource deputy arrived and took Sharpe into custody. The students who were injured were seriously wounded, but are expected to survive. 

Michael Harper, another 15-year-old sophomore who knows Sharpe, said at the beginning of the school year, the shooter had brought notes into school and said he was going to do "something stupid" that might get him killed or jailed. Though the students told counselors, it wasn't clear what was done in response. 

The teen also said Sharpe was "nice and funny and weird," had a lot of friends and was not bullied.

He was apparently obsessed with other school shootings. 

A friend told reporters that Sharpe watched a lot of documentaries about school shootings and even sent Snapchat videos of the shows to his friends. 

It's been reported that the teen's social media accounts contained photos and videos of him shooting guns, and he showed off his love for weapons on his YouTube page. That also signals that he had access to weapons. 

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Sharpe's social media accounts also showed that he was a fan of The Joker and the show "Breaking Bad".

Police have yet to reveal a motive for the shooting, and said it's been a hard loss for the close-knit community. 

“He called me and said, ‘Mom, there are gunshots.’ He sounded so scared. I’ve never heard him like that,” Chery Moser, said a mother of one of the students. “You never think about something happening like this at a small school.”

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