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New Details About How A 41-Year-Old Delaware Man Lured A 12-Year-Old Girl Using Text Messages And Then Raped Her 250 Times

Richard White

A grand jury in Delaware indicted a 41-year-old man this week on 11 counts of sexual degree rape, four counts of sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography. 

Police say Richard "Ricky" White Jr. raped an underaged girl 250 times since 2012.

When the assaults first began, the victim was 12. 

While some details of White's charges are being withheld to protect the victim's identity, police did report that the girl began talking to White via text in fall of 2012. 

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According to police, the conversations between the two became about sex, and White asked about the 12-year-old's sexual history. Later that fall, he picked her up when she was out of school and took her to his house. 

They were watching TV when White started kissing her and eventually raped with her. 

For the next five years, White would continue to sexually assault the girl, sometimes even on a weekly basis. 

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He would rape her at his home, in the woods, behind a Popeye's and in a local park. 

White also reportedly took photos and videos of the sexual abuse and would threaten to publish them when the victim told him she wanted to stop.

He would also make her FaceTime him every night when she took a shower. 

The victim told police she felt obligated by White, and he would often threaten to kill himself.

She showed officers text messages where she told White he scared her and asked him to stop calling her. 

Eventually, the girl told someone who called the police. White is currently in custody. 

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