Horrific Details Of The Former Boy Scout Leader Who Abused Multiple Children And Forced Them To Change His "Dirty" Diapers

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Darrell Fisher
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One of the victims suffered abuse for five years.

A former Nashville Boy Scouts leader was sentenced to 18 years in prison after multiple victims reported that he had abused them. 

Darrell Fisher pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual battery by an authority figure after he was linked to five victims between the ages of 11 and 14.

He abused the boys for more than two years — and some as long as five years. 

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After he was arrested in January 2016, police searched his home and found chastity belts, harnesses, and electrical shocking devices. 

One of the victims told police that Fisher would also wear diapers, soil them and then have the boys "change" him. 

Until now, Fisher had never been in trouble and lived with his parents while he was a Boy Scout Leader and lacrosse coach. He was arrested when a teenage boy told police Fisher had sexually abused him since he was 11. 

When the victim's parents kicked him out, Fisher took him in, bought him a lot of things, paid for his insurance and even took care of his family. Eventually, he even bought the victim a car. 

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"He was there whenever I needed him,” the victim said. 

He told police he put up with the abuse because he thought it was worth it and testified that he saw him abuse two other boys. 

The victim came to police because he had a conversation with Fisher about the abuse and thought it was going to stop — but then learned after that conversation that children were still being abused. 

At first, Fisher denied the charges and said the victim was making it up because he was made he had threatened to take the car away. 

The judge said during sentencing that Fisher was considered to be a high risk and will likely not accept a treatment program. He will register as a violent sexual offender. 

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