Oh, So This Is What's Inside Of A Pimple

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This Is Exactly What's In A Pimple That You See In Those Pimple Popping Videos

So gross — but we can't look away!

Personally speaking, I find something incredibly relaxing about watching pimple popping videos. Is it absolutely disgusting? Yep, you bet! But that doesn't negate the strange sensation of calm that washes over me after seeing a gnarly blackhead being extracted from a pore.

Call me crazy, whatever, don't be a hater — we all have our thing, okay?! 

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That being said, and my love of pimple popping aside, seeing what's actually inside a blemish is pretty gross. Sure, I knew it was gooey-generally-yellow-pus, but I didn't know anything beyond that. Giving all the components a name was a little too much, even for me. I have a slight suspicion you guys will agree.

​​Pimple Ingredients

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If you happened to enjoy that and weren't deterred whatsoever from your love of watching pimples being popped, then might I suggest you head over to Dr. Pimple Popper's Instagram page?

She's already amassed 2.5 million followers and she's basically the dermatologist equivalent of Wonder Woman — looks and al! The fact she's pretty is really just a bonus though.

If you're suffering from acne, my advice? Wash your face! Yes, even in the morning. If you knew how much bacteria was living in your pillowcase, you'd literally never sleep again.

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Well, that's not true — sleeping is glorious. You'd never sleep without a fresh pillowcase ever again.

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