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Horrific Details About 3 Brothers Turned In By A Family Member After Evidence About Missing 10-Year-Old Girl Lindsey Baum Found Along With A Terrifying Abuse & Murder Manifesto

Details About Emery Brothers Child Pornography Arrest And Evidence Found About Child Abuse & Lindsey Baum Disappearance

After eight years of looking for Lindsey Baum, Seattle police might finally have some answers. 

The disturbing discoveries made at the home of the Emery brothers — Charles Emery, 82, Thoman Emery, 80 and Edwin Emery, 79 — included staggering amounts of child pornography, worn children's clothing and underwear, magazine clippings of missing and murdered young girls, toys, movies and a "manifesto" about Satanic rituals, kidnapping, raping and killing girls. 

Another heart-wrenching find was a flier about Lindsay Baum, a 10-year-old girl who went missing while walking a few blocks home from a friend's house back in 2009.

Her body was never found. She had mentioned that a man in a white car had been following her prior to her disappearance. She also had a premonition less than 24 hours prior to going missing when she told her mother that she had feeling something bad was going to happen to her. The next night, she was gone. 

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"It's very clear that these three individuals have an obsession with young female children, they've had this obsession for most if not all of their lives, and they acted on it,” said Capt. Mike Edwards, who leads the Seattle Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children task force.

In the notes found on the property, he described how the girls would wear penny loafers prior to their abuse and murders. Dozens of children's penny loafers were found in the house.  

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Police learned about the house when the daughter of Edwin's twin sister went to clean. 

"She was in Charles' room," Edna, Edwin's twin, said of her daughter. "And I guess she was going through the boxes and stuff to see what was in them. And she found these little shoes and stuff."

Though Edna said Charles, who is suffering from dementia, might be innocent, her daughter still went to the police.

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However, officers now believe that Charles was the one who wrote the manifesto, which was found buried and partially burned along with a child's hat. 

Edwin's niece, who is Charles' legal guardian, told police that her uncles molested both her and her mother when they were children. 

All of this evidence led police to search the grounds of the house for any sign of a murder, but so far haven't found any other signs of the children or any human remains. Their search has been expanded to the late house and the 14 acres of land that surround it.

Part 1 of the video about Lindsay Baum's Disappearance. 

Part 2: 

Police are also vocalizing their belief that they might find some evidence in Baum's case due to the flier they found. The child went missing in McCleary, which about 30 minutes away from the Emery brother's house of horrors. 

“The Lindsey Baum case has been and will be a priority until we find closure, or find Lindsey safe. We’ve worked on the case every day in some shape or form,” Sheriff Rick Scott said. There are no other known connections between the brothers and Baum. 

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Another cold case has the potential to be solved. Tracy West was abducted and killed in 1988. The 17-year-old was last seen riding a motorcycle on her way to work in the same town the brothers live in. The brother's bought the house in 1962, and Charles worked as a janitor in a local children's hospital in the 1970s and 1980s. 


In 2013, police interviewed Edwin after an Office Depot employee found child porn on Edwin's computer when he turned it in for service and repair. Edwin admitted to the pornography and sexually abusing his sister and that same sister's daughter (Edna). He also told police he had an attraction to "sub-teenage girls," but charges against him were never filed. 

All three brothers were charged with two counts of second-degree possession of depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. 

Ten years after her daughter's disappearance, Lindsey's mother, Melissa Baum, is still seeking answers. In a June 2019 interview, Baum said of the cold case, "Who did it? How? Why? None of those are answered. The only answer I have is my daughter is never coming home,” Melissa Baum said. “It's been hell. I mean, she's been gone almost as long as she was alive."

She went on to say, ""I'm angry pretty much 24 hours a day, I'm angry. I missed prom. I missed her first boyfriend, her first kiss, her first dance, she's missed everything. She was 10."

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