6 Things Your Girlfriend Is Most Likely To Lie About (Watch Out!)

She's not always gonna tell you EVERYTHING.

Written on Aug 22, 2017

6 Things Girls Lie About Most (Watch Out!) weheartit

We'd all like to think that, while dating someone, everything is just perfect and open and honest. That's the dream, anyway, right?

It's too bad life isn't a dream, though, because, sorry brother, but your girlfriend—much like yourself—has secrets.

That doesn't always mean they're bad secrets, of course, or meant to be hidden from you in malice. In fact, it might just because she used some poor judgment one night after a fight, or the two of you were on a break so, while "rediscovering herself", she had a one-night fling and regretted it. Or, hell, maybe she just doesn't really want you to know that she used to be known as "Hand Job Allie" during her college days, avoiding any judgment from you.


Whatever the reasons, both men and women are going to have their secrets.

And, because of that, we're breaking down six things that your girlfriend might not be telling you—whether out of respect, fear or because she doesn't want to cause an argument about some guy she dated 10 years ago in college.


1. How Many Men She Has Slept With

Just like yourself, there's a good chance she's lying about her number. That's to avoid judgment and not change any perceptions, so don't even try freaking out about if she's doing this or not, we all have a past, that's why it's called the past!

2. She's Cheated On You

OK, so we should all be able to get over the whole "what's your number?" thing, but cheating? Well, that's a serious situation. If your girl has ever been caught cheating or has even told you she's done it, it's a cause for concern. Once a cheater, always a cheater! But, c'mon, don't expect her to tell you.

3. She Still Contacts An Ex Without You Knowing


There are certain people who have friendships following a relationship—that's normal. But, if this ex she's still talking to is someone you know little to nothing about, you'll want to stay on guard. And, if you confront her about it and she puts up a fight, it's even more cause for concern. However, if it's just a guy you know she's always trusted, don't freak out too much.

4. She Loves Making You Jealous

Yes, she's pushing your buttons. Yes, she gets off on it. Women have this rare ability to get under her man's skin, and, by doing so, it actually causes them to be turned on. Yeah, no one likes to fight, but don't think she's not just trying to get you to be a little jealous.

5. She Likes Being Chased


No woman wants a needy guy, but no woman wants to be ignored, either. In fact, she may not tell you, but those times when she walks away from you at the bar to go hang with her girlfriends is actually a way for her to say, "come on, bud, prove to me I'm yours." Games, man, they suck... but they work well for women.

6. She's Not That Turned On By You

You may think you know everything there is to know about how to be a gentleman or how to get her off, but, trust us, some women just aren't that turned on by her man. That's not to say she isn't in love with him, it just means that what used to work doesn't anymore. Or, in some cases, she's just sticking in a relationship so not to be alone—which is worst case scenario.