These Women Claim They Orgasm For 15 Minutes (And So Can You)

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15-minute long orgasms

Aside from sleeping, inhaling and binge-watching Netflix on the couch all day, there aren't a ton of activities I can sustain for 15 minutes straight.

But as a recent article from Glamour found, some women out there are claiming they can actually have 15-minute long orgasms. Yes, they say they can hold a foot-tingling, up-in-the-clouds orgasm for a full 15 minutes or longer.

But instead of forking over wads of cash to purchase a vibrator with six different wiggling appendages, these women are claiming that they can achieve (and hold) a long-term orgasm through meditation called OM. 

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And no, it’s not a bunch of women in a circle surrounded by candles repeating the phrase "OM" until they achieve maximum pleasure. Rather, it’s short for "Orgasmic Meditation," a two-partnered stroking practice aimed at helping women reach extended climaxes

Watch the video below (NSFW) to learn more about OM and how you can practice it with your partner:

"[This state] is the highest form of consciousness we can feel in our bodies. We are talking about an ego-annihilating force. That's why it's so frightening, and why we need it," explained one of OM’s proponents in the Glamour article. She notes that she can’t imagine what her life would be without it, since it has put her in touch with something higher than herself. (Uh, is this an orgasm technique or religious cult we are talking about?) 

Despite what you might think, these aren't superhuman orgasmers or the recipient of a lucky genetic code. OM teaches women and their partners (who are fully clothed, BTW) exactly how to achieve a full-blown, extended climax through a series of steps, starting with the partner stroking the upper-left portion of her clitoris with a "feather-like" touch for 13 minutes, and then pressing her vulva to the ground for two minutes. 

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But before you give your boo a hand cramp from trying to get you to orgasm tonight, take note that it'll take quite a bit of practice first. As most of the women in the article explain, it takes several attempts to master the technique. Of course, if you need to achieve 15-minute long orgasms ASAP, you can always spend almost $200 (and eight hours of your day) with a tutorial in various cities across the United States.

Seems worth it, TBH. 


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