9 Men Reveal The Most Disappointing Part Of Having Sex With Women

"No, we're not going to discuss what this 'means' while I'm still hard."

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We believe men always want to have sex, right? Well, maybe. They probably do. But that doesn't mean there isn't an aspect of their sex life with us they really hate — like, so much that it may ruin the mood or make them want to have sex with someone else next time.

And yes, maybe some of these guys are being total jerks (we don't judge though), but sometimes they do make some valid points we may want to keep in mind. Like, that smell thing (shower, please). Seriously. It's just rude not to.


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Here's what turns men off in bed the most. So, pay attention, ladies!

1. She's too quiet

"For me, the most disappointing aspect of having sex with a woman is the silent type — no moans, groans, or dirty talk. That totally gets me out of the sexual zone when there is little verbal or physical response. I would rather go watch a Game of Thrones episode."


2. She talks about random sh*t

"I know we need to talk about what we are going to get as a gift for your cousin's wedding, but right now? Really?"

3. The sex doesn't live up to expectations

"The most disappointing aspect of sex I’ve experienced is the letdown. We all carry a certain level of expectations based on interaction. If there’s too much sexting before the actual sex, I find that the sex doesn’t always match up." — Josh Accardo, comedian


4. She's not enthusiastic

"A lack of interest is what turns men off in bed and makes it extremely tough (and sometimes painful) to make the act worthwhile."

5. She has bad hygiene

"Wash your downstairs parts! Just because you're hot, it doesn't mean your lower regions can't stank!" — Ralph Sutton, radio personality and podcast host of The SDR Show


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6. She wants to talk about the future

"No, we're not going to discuss what this 'means' while I'm still hard."

7. She just... smells

"Smell is a whole other factor that can completely destroy the mood, interest, desire of the sexual act. It is one of our strongest senses (to some it is THE strongest sense) and if there is a certain smell that affects the person, it will absolutely crush the entire sexual experience."


8. There's no variety

"I’m a versatile gay man (meaning that I pitch and catch), so I think that the most disappointing thing about having sex with me is that I’m not as good of a top as I am a bottom. I also have the worst poker face because it’s very obvious when tamed sex is boring to me. I just end up finishing as quickly as I can."

9. She does "the dead fish"


"I know that very few of us probably look as cool as we think we do while we're making love. However, just lying there is virtually inexcusable. It's like you don't want to be there. I know you can feel self-conscious about making copulation noises or dirty talking or even attempting something from page 69 of the Kama Sutra. But you can definitely push back, put your legs in the ear or 'squeeze.'"

Check out the video below to hear the most embarrassing sex stories from real people:



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