Why I Love Every Single Thing About Going Down On A Woman (And All Other Men Should Too)

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One Man's Opinion Of Performing Oral Sex On A Woman (And Why More Guys Should Go Down On Theirs)

For far too long, women of the world have been going down on men who are unwilling to return the favor. Or maybe the men do, but they phone it in or complain the whole damn time. 

And of course, these men expect women to go down on them without a second’s hesitation. As if going down on a guy is some effortless walk in the park.

So let’s be clear: they’re all completely missing out.

Because I swear, there’s nothing more life-alteringly wonderful than going down on my woman.

Yes, I’m rather fond of having sex with my woman, too, but I love going down on her even more. In fact, if forced to choose only one of the two, I’d choose to go down on her every time.

To me, it’s one of the most thrilling, awakening, meaningful experiences I can have as a man.

I’ve been skydiving, performed in front of thousands and raced cars at 150 mph.

But to be an essential part of a woman’s orgasm — connecting intimately to the very core of her being, driving her to wave after wave of pleasure as she loses herself in sheer bliss — is better than any drug I could possibly imagine.

It’s absolutely one of the most satisfying and gloriously erotic experiences of life for me.

It’s not just some titillating thrill. It’s something that fills me with a sense of genuine connection, meaning and fulfillment. It’s a type of “bonding” unlike any other.

And I find it maddening when I hear from women that more men aren’t leaping at the chance.

Gentlemen, it’s time to update your software.

I’ve heard your complaints and I get it, but nothing wonderful comes without some degree of effort and devotion. Trust me: by skipping out, you’re robbing yourself, and your partner, of something truly magical.

Now I know I’m not alone in my love of pleasing my woman, and ladies, you should know that there are a lot more men out there who love going down on you than you may realize. Please hold out for one who does.

And if you cannot believe that any man could truly enjoy performing oral sex on a woman, here are some of the many things I personally love about it:

I simply love tasting her... smelling her, licking her, drinking her, and feeling her with my lips. While some guys may complain, I honestly don’t understand them. I happen to love the taste, the smell and the look of her everything.

If you love a woman for what makes her unique, you should also love the way her body tastes. It’s simply a natural extension of her body’s essence.

And I have personally never met a vulva I don’t believe looks unbelievably, devourably, sexy.

Even with my eyes closed while I'm devoted to her pleasure, I still feel completely fulfilled. Knowing that every stroke of my tongue causes such a powerful reaction in her body makes me feel impossibly alive.

On an emotional level, I love simply the dance of it all.

Following her reactions. Adapting to her needs. Learning what she likes. Slower, faster, softer, harder, left, right, whatever... I love being connected to her while she gradually gets closer and closer to her gorgeous orgasm.

With every moan, hearing her so turned on makes me incredibly turned on. I literally don’t even need her to touch me — I’m already there.

And frankly, I prefer going down on her first, because I know my orgasm won’t be hard to achieve, as most guys’ orgasms aren’t. It’s her's that are typically more in jeopardy of not arriving, so I feel like it’s only fair that I focus on making that happen first.

And on an even more intimate level, I love knowing she's put her trust in me.

She’s making herself incredibly vulnerable to allow me so close to this delicate part of her body. It’s erotic to me just to know I’ve been trusted with the responsibility. She’s showing her fearlessness by opening herself up to me, and I want to reward her for taking the risk.

While we all want to “get off” during sex, I find ultimate fulfillment in seeing my partner lose herself in pleasure.

When I’ve helped bring a woman to a fully-engulfed, lip-biting, hip-bucking, thigh-trembling orgasm, I can’t help but feel I’ve brought a little more happiness to the world. It's an incredibly intimate and bonding experience to share.

So gentlemen, re-start your engines.

Please consider that the best sex of your life might just be directly correlated with the amount of pleasure you bring your partner’s way, and if you’re not going down on her and adapting to her specific wants and needs, you might not even be seeing her much longer.

Ladies, there are LOTS of men like me who not only don’t view this as a chore but see it as a glorious experience. So if the guy you’re with won’t even consider it — especially if he expects you to go down on him — kick him to the curb and wait for a guy who’s more orally inclined...

Because you deserve a lot more lip service.

Trevor Marlin is just a simple guy living in New York City while writing about relationships, sex, and overcoming all of our personal bullshit.