8 Women Share Real Stories About The First Time They Masturbated

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"The first time I masturbated..."

They say that even infants are often found stimulating themselves, knowing that it feels good, and not knowing why. While we're inclined to not really "count" that, probably most people remember the first time they realized what it was they were doing, and what they liked about it.

Of course, like all sexual milestones, this is one that is probably a bit different for men and for women, but a lot of the emotions and feelings are the same. You may be excited, confused, or intrigued. And once you realized what it feels like to masturbate and what was happening, you were probably just looking for new ways to do it again and again.

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What was it like masturbating for the first time? You won't want to miss these masturbation stories from seven fabulous women.

1. I was a bit confused.

"The first time I discovered what it feels like to masturbate, I didn't even know I was doing it. I remember I was young and just fantasizing about a date with a boy and I ended up humping my pillow. Eventually, I experienced an orgasm and I think was dumbfounded and utterly confused."

2. I looked at naughty magazines.

"I knew where the stash of men's girlie mags were kept in my house when I was younger. When everyone was definitely not home I would sneak into the room and pull out a magazine from under the bed and get turned on. Flicking through one of these magazines was the first time I touched myself in between my legs; just looking at hot girls was my first experience of masturbating." Tanya Tate, adult film star

3. I enjoyed rubbing myself when I was only six years old.

"I was six years old when I discovered that the rubbing between my legs would cause this warm sensation of pleasure. I found that if I put my leg up, it felt even better, so I kept experimenting and finding new ways to make those pleasurable feelings happen."

4. My mom told me what to do.

"It’s quite interesting how it all started for me. In fact, my mother was the one that influenced me on how to masturbate when I first came across a box of toys in her closet. I asked her about the package and she then, with no hesitation, proceeded to pull out everything and explain what they do to me. After the little lesson, I learned that I was extremely curious, but wanted to be cautious.

So when she'd go to work, I would take my favorite toy to my room and last in there for hours! When I heard the car door shut I'd run back in her closet to put it back. For years she had no clue what I was doing, until one day she noticed and decided to give me a toy of my own. However, I barely ever used it when I realized the only toy that truly worked when I wanted to make my vagina pulsate was the Hitachi [Magic Wand]!"Jillian Jason, adult film star

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5. I experimented with my vibrating beeper.

"It was actually in high school. I had never really had toys or anything before and while I had experienced tingles down there a few times, I'd never really explored it. Then, I got my first beeper and I discovered that if you left it there and kept the phone on vibrate, it felt really, really good."

6. I was taking a bath.

"Accidentally, the faucet, with a warm rush of water flushing out, came in contact with my downstairs area. I was very young and didn't know what it meant or why, but it felt so good I started to angle myself over there deliberately. To this day, I love a good Jacuzzi!"

7. I was finishing my chores.

"Sitting on a washer-dryer waiting for a laundry cycle to end when I was about 12, the machine started to rev up... and I realized I was starting to rev up as well. Made me a lot more eager to do laundry in the future!"

8. I read romance novels.

"When I was 15, my long term-boyfriend was long-distance. He asked me to masturbate and to tell him about it. I masturbated to romance novels. Pretty hard core fantasies for a teenager."

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