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10 Steps To Seduce Any Man You Want

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How To Seduce Any Man You Want

If you’re a woman with a rather shy approach to men, making the first move probably isn’t really your thing. You make eyes from across the room as you hope and wait for him to make his way over to you.

This game can work, but it’s definitely not always effective. When you have your eye on someone special and want to learn how to get a guy to like you, you are the one in control of whether something happens with him or not. This might be a bit out of your comfort zone, but not to worry because we’ve got you covered.

Sex expert Louise Mazanti has long tried to debunk the idea that sex is a taboo topic ridiculed with shame and secrecy, which is highlighted in her newly released book, Real Sex.

Now, she's come out with 10 fool-proof ways for how to seduce any guy you want. Mazanti claims it's all in unlocking what she calls a woman's "p***y power." What power? You heard it right.

The potential is all there, but it's time to learn how to take advantage of it. Here's how it's done:

1. Ask yourself: "What do I really want?"

Women are often joked about for being indecisive. Argue about it all you want but that's not entirely false. But when it comes to selecting a sexual partner, this is no time to be on the fence. Mazanti encourages women to listen to their hearts and bodies to determine for themselves if this is really something they want.

If you're positive about the man you've set yourself on, then, by all means, go for it. But if you are at all unsure if your intentions are pure and truly beneficial, then take a moment to step back and think before you act.

"Men are very good at being fast in their minds and strong willed and women tend to be a bit more floaty, not knowing what she wants and a bit more compromising," Mazanti explains.

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2. Check in with your vagina. Is she saying yes or no?

Once you've come to a conclusion on what it is that you want exactly, listen to what your vagina and body are telling you about someone. The body will send physical signals that say yay or nay, and all you need to do is tune into those signs and not ignore them.

"Not what her mind is telling her is the best thing, not what would her partner like from her," Mazanti says. "What does she want?"

3. If she's saying, "Yes, bring him on!" proceed to point 4. If it's saying "no," forget about it.

If you feel a strong attraction to the person, that's a good sign. But if you're sensing signals in your body that something just isn't right, your vagina may be telling you to pass.

"Women have forgotten to listen to their vaginas and put up the boundaries that their vaginas are speaking."

So what does this mean for how to seduce any guy you want? Don't push aside what your body is trying to communicate to you. After all, your body knows you better than anyone else.

4. Visualize the experience exactly as you want it to be, and fantasize the best you can.

It's a similar concept that athletes use to get in the zone before a game or a match. If you can imagine yourself at the top of your game, you'll boost your confidence and give yourself a greater chance for success. The same thing applies to sex. Don't hold anything back when visualizing a perfect night.

"Forget about porn scenarios and come into feeling what do you want, what do you like, what are your desires?" Mazanti advises.

5. Feel the sensations as you're connecting with the fantasy.

Mazanti believes "A woman's power is in her vagina," so in order to unlock that, you must remain focused and truly listen to your body.

6. Walk toward your intended target letting the sensations guide how your body moves.

This is where the fun really begins. Once you've let your body decide on what it really wants to do, make your move. Again, if you're a bit shy and not as much of a go-getter kind of gal, don't get too much into your head. Think of it as your body leading you as your mind follows suit.

7. Look him in the eye, breathe and feel the power.

Eye contact is key, ladies. Let him know without a shadow of a doubt that you're interested and you're not messing around. Keep in mind that you have the power here, so get up and show him who's boss!

8. Feel the sexual confidence that arises with the natural feeling.

When you take the initiative to break out of your shell and walk with boldness, you're going to feel the effects. As you make initial contact with your target, your body will give you the shot of confidence it needs to take it home.

"Women are trained to accommodate," Mazanti says, "[But they] need to know what they want and set the directions to their own lives."

9. Maintain eye contact and the connection with your power.

Ah, yes, a simple word that has the potential to take your night from drab to fab in the snap of a finger. 

"Don't be the little princess who's waiting for a man on the white horse to approach you but show up in the world asking for what you want," Mazanti argues. This is your time, ladies. Do what you want with it, but don't sit around waiting for a man to prove his masculinity to you by sweeping you off your feet. This isn't a Disney movie.

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10. As the experience unfolds, keep checking in.

Remember, sex is only okay if both parties are willing and consenting. If at any point during the night you feel your body is telling you to turn back, listen to it. This is not the time to worry about hurting his feelings or looking stupid if you no longer wish to participate then back out.

"Just come into and process your own body, breathe into your body and go with that moment to moment."

So there you have it, a complete guide to taking control of the power you possess as a woman and getting what you want. The world is full of creeps and weirdos, so why wait for them to come to you when you can listen closely to what your body tells you to do instead? Go get 'em, ladies.

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