10 Men Attempt To Describe What A Female Orgasm Feels Like

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what does a female orgasm feel like

It’s common knowledge that women experience orgasms differently than men, with more complexity and nuance that makes achieving climax a delicate art form. Our personal orgasm styles and specifications are unique like each of us, and while every man we questioned was quick to tell us that orgasms aren’t so elusive when they’re tasked with giving them, they each had a different idea about what it feels like for us gals.

What does a female orgasm feel like? Here are our favorite descriptions about what men think.

1. A perfect release

"I can only equate it to the ONE time I had what felt like a full-body orgasm where the feeling I have in my sex organ seemed to spread all over for just a few seconds and then dissipate in a perfect release."

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2. Like a roller coaster

"I imagine it's like riding a roller coaster that has a huge hill climb and then a fast drop followed by twists and turns that have you at a loss for breath, all while someone pumps you full of the strongest morphine with a hint of electricity. Or also like someone took an explosive filled with the highest amount of pleasure you could collect and set it off inside you to where every inch of you is hit with the blast like a radioactive fallout of pure ecstasy."

3. A muscle cramp

"My wife’s orgasms always look a lot like mine. We get really hot and heavy and then all our muscles seize up for a whole-body release. And IMMEDIATELY afterward, we get so sensitive down there that any extra touches make us convulse."

4. The same as a man's

"What does a female orgasm feel like? I imagine it feels almost exactly like the male orgasm except for a lot 'splooshy-er.'"

5. A ripple effect

"From the reactions I have seen, I have to say it's way better than what we get! I imagine it's a rush from our connection through her limbs in a large ripple type of effect. Like her vagina being an epicenter for a shockwave."

6. Lots of contractions

"I’d say like a more prolonged prostate orgasm. A LOT of muscle contraction, a certain amount of ‘very little else matters right now,’ and ‘I don’t know how long this can last before I hurt something, but I don’t want it to stop yet, either.’"

7. Just... amazing

"The female orgasm!? Jeebus, I'll trade my piddly little male one for it. From what I've seen and how many times it can happen in an hour, it must amazing."

8. The same reaction as smelling really good food

"I imagine it feels like a combination of smelling a favorite food being cooked while eating the most mouth-puckeringly sour thing at the same time. But over the entire body."

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9. Like surfing

"It is almost infinitely different than the classic 'grunt and fall over' male version. Women have long ones, short ones, deep ones, wide ones, full-body ones, multiple ones… long multiple continuous full-body short ones. There seems to be a lush garden bounty of variety in female orgasmic expression. The analogy of riding a wave, of surfing, is something that could be said to be present in each, whether you catch a long straight ride or a short one, sit in heightened anticipation through swell after swell, catch a beautiful lateral curvy ride, or fall off your board and face plant. The deep ones seem to be a complete ripping away of story, time, and space, almost a spinning entanglement of both birth and death rising in pure joy."

10. An aneurysm

"I suspect it's close to an aneurysm."

Check out the video below for everything you wanted to know about female orgasms. Because, science:


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