The Weird Reason Your Boobs Smell Like Vinegar Sometimes

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Sometimes Your Boobs Smell Like Vinegar ... Here's Why

What in the world?

"Why do my breasts smell like vinegar?" 

My boyfriend dropped his fry. Which, coincidentally, he had just dunked in a puddle of vinegar. 

We've been together a year, so theoretically the romance shouldn't be dead, but I've never been one for holding back when it comes to my bodily functions, something my boyfriend knows all too well by now. 

If he finds me standing naked in his bedroom I could be initiating sex, sure, but I could also be about to ask him to look at what a suspicious rash I found dancing up my mons pubis. 

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But asking him why my breasts smelled like vinegar? That was apparently crossing some sort of line. 

If you have boobs, particularly big old monster boobs like moi, you are no stranger to the art of managing boob sweat. 

Since it was the dead heat of August, I wasn't surprised to find that my rack was totally saturated, but I was surprised to find that my boobs now seemed to smell like vinegar. 

I did a quick internet search and found out that I wasn't alone in wondering why my normally fragrant breasts had turned into something sour smelling and rank.

The good news? Having boobs that smell like vinegar is totally normal.

The bad news? The rest for that stank is anything but pretty.

Below, you'll find some of the most common causes for boobs that smell like vinegar and more importantly, what you can do to treat them. 

1. Your diet

When it comes to your diet, eating an excessive amount of sugar can lead to the a walloping case of the ol' vinegar boobies. 

Seriously though. Sugar breaks down in your blood stream. Then, it takes a new form, like a very un-sexy shape shifter, turning into acidic compounds that can have a vinegar tang when the body produces sweat. 

In fact, having sweat that smells like vinegar can be a symptoms of diabetes for just this reason. 

Talk to your doctor before you make any major changes to your diet, but if eat a diet high in sugar and your boobs smell like vinegar, it could be the sugar breaking down that's to blame. 

Damn you sugar. Damn you for being so enticing, comforting, delicious, and stank-making. 

2. Your hygiene habits 

If you smell your boobs and they smell like vinegar, it is not actually your breast skin that is giving off this potent aroma. It's your sweat. 

I know, I know, it's tasty, but it's true. 

When you sweat, your body is producing waste and that waste? It stinks.

If you aren't bathing as regularly as you should be bathing, or using deodorant, this smell can build up leaving behind a vinegar-like smell.

So if your boobs smell like vinegar and its something you've only just noticed, it could be because it's the summertime and your body is producing more sweat, especially in regions like your under boob and that can lead to serious vinegar smells. 

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3. And then there's bacteria 

When you sweat your body produces this not-so-sweet stank juice through two different types of glands. 

First, you have eccrine glands that basically cover your entire body. They have one job, and it's to keep your temperature regulated. Sweat from these regions tends to evaporate immediately leaving behind little to no odor. 

But the apocrine glands? Oh fellow. Boy oh howdy. Those are a sweat gland of a different color (as I seriously hope they might never say in The Wizard of Oz).

These glands are located in your ears, your genitals, your armpits, and (you guessed it) your boobs. These glands all perform other jobs (like producing breast milk or forming ear wax), which means that they also produce a lot of protein.

When the protein from these glands mixes with the salt from your eccrine glands, it can create a ... you guessed it! ... vinegar-like smell that is easy to identify and just plain rank (unless you're into eating fish and chips). 

Essentially, if you find yourself asking "why do my boobs smell like vinegar" the tl;dr response is: because you've got some body odor happening. 

Boob odor can be more difficult to handle than under arm stank.

You can start by washing your bras once a week and changing them daily during the sweaty times of the year. You can also use deodorant UNDER your boobs and between them. 

If you're fastidious about this stuff and you suspect your diet might be a factor, it's a good idea to go consult with your doctor in the hopes of finding a way to balance out your sugar levels and get you feeling better and your boobs smelling GREAT!

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