32 Shady Signs He's TOTALLY Leading You On

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man flirting with woman

Sometimes, you'll find yourself living the single life, where you're casually seeing some people, or maybe even just one person. Love and dating can be a bit of a minefield by itself, and it's made worse when the dudes you're finding are just playing games with the girls they fool around with. 

Don't get caught off guard by these wannabe playboys. Recognize the signs of a guy who's just playing games with you, and make sure you know the rules to the game to turn it in your favor. 


1. He texts you just to see if you'll answer.

And you do, because you think it’s inconsiderate not to answer people.  

2. But he has no intention of carrying on a conversation.

Then he goes and stops the conversation just when it begins.  


3. Or he ends conversations very ambiguously.

That requires you to say something and wait for his response.  


4. Like he just wants you waiting and staring at your phone every 5 seconds.

But he never actually answers. So you just turn into a paranoid fuck.  


5. He's the king of the Booty Call.

But God forbid you call him, it goes right to voicemail.  


6. Yet he denies your calls after midnight.

But he has no problem waking you the hell up at 1 AM.


7. He's a master when it comes to guilt-tripping.

Then somehow he always makes you feel guilty about something. 


8. Just to ensure you apologize.

And you just want him to stop yelling at you, so you apologize. 


9. And even when he's wrong, he’ll never admit it.

Somehow it’s never him that's wrong, but rather everyone else on the planet. 


10. He just calls you crazy.

But in those rare moments where you're the one who's right, he shuts you down so fast.


11. Then he has you questioning everything you think and say.

He manipulates you into thinking “am I crazy or is he just an asshole?”  


12. He keeps you close.

You're always just within arm's reach of him. 


13. But not close enough.

He lets you in, but not really. You let me in just to get what you want. 


14. So you always want a little more.

He ends things with a snide comment or a one-liner that makes you both love and hate him but also want him more.


15. He plays a pretty good sympathy card.

He knows what to say and when to say it just to get girls to fall for him. 


16. And most girls fall head over heels for it.

Everyone thinks he's complicated, but you know he's just completely full of shit.   


17. He's coy on social media.

He’ll go and follow you, just to unfollow you. 


18. Because it just adds to his game.

Or like your pic and immediately unlike it. 


19. Just to keep you on edge...

Even you can admit you like the game a little bit or you wouldn’t be playing. 


20. But he's never one to post pics with any specific girl.

His insta and FB are all on private and he hides a lot of shit. 


21. His phone probably has a lock code on it.

We all do, but you know if you cracked that code, he'd be spitting the same lines he does to you as he does to every girl. 


22. You and he talk most when you're both drunk.

The only time you and he have real conversations is when you're so drunk you can't remember. 


23. His favorite app is Snapchat.

Because everyone knows Snapchat was first created as a way to get nudes.  


24. And he sends generic snaps.

To you and probably every other girl in his contacts. 


25. Even though yours are always direct.

But I’m always gonna answer.  


26. You don’t think he actually likes you.

He just likes the idea of having you around. 


27. But he likes the fact that you like him.

Yeah, you do like him. You don’t really hold anything back or try and hide it. 


28. And he has you wrapped around his finger.

At least, it definitely seems that way. 


29. He might think you're letting him win this game.

In reality, you're far coyer than him.   


30. But that’s what you like him to believe.

You know his game and you play the role of bashful sheep quite gracefully.


31. Because you will always come out on top.

Never on top of him, though. 


32. And when it’s over...

You'll be his biggest regret and he'll be the one saying sorry as you walk away. 

This article was originally published at PuckerMob. Reprinted with permission from the author.