American Eagle Introduced Its First Hijab — And It Sold Out In A Week

Because we could use more brands like AE.

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It’s time to start taking advice from American Eagle, Aerie, and Nike because they are part of a very small group of fashion brands that have consistently been ahead of the curve when it comes to inclusive fashion.

Aerie launched their body positive campaign, AKA #AerieREAL, a few years ago and has been forging the way ever since.

Their campaign aims to include all body types, but more than that, their unretouched photos are meant to show girls everywhere that having (and loving) stretch marks, cellulite, and bones that stick out isn’t weird or ugly — it’s common and natural; we all have them, so why not show it all off?


And now with American Eagle’s newest product — a denim hijab – they’re paving the way to include clothes and accessories for pretty much everyone.

And to prove just how much this product was needed, the hijab sold out online in about a week.

Yeah, THAT fast.


Plus, it’s incredibly fashion-forward and looks amazing on Muslim model Halima Aden.

Of course, as it tends to go nowadays, there are a LOT of people taking issue with American Eagle’s hijab.

I’ve only heard about the denim hijab THIS MORNING, and I’ve already come across so many negative comments proclaiming that the hijab is “oppressive” and “an enslavement of women,” and just because you can buy it at American Eagle doesn’t actually mean it’s “real” purpose goes away.

In fact, it’s really an untapped market for people who wear hijabs. And thanks to American Eagle, girls who want to buy one can do so just as easily as they can buy jeans and t-shirts.


More than that, though, they can feel like they belong; be exactly who they are without feeling like their needs are so different from the “average” girl — much like brands who sell plus sizes separately try to make you feel different and alien for being fat.

Like American Eagle, Nike also created a hijab, this one made from their signature sport fabric (and coming out in 2018), so that women could work out comfortably.

Unfortunately, there have already been so many instances in the past where Muslim athletes had to fight for the right just to wear a headscarf when competing and yes, that anger over the accessory is still going on.


Of course, there are a lot of people who question the need for this product — especially now, but as weightlifter Amna Al Haddad has said on Instagram, “it will surely encourage a new generation of athletes,” and she is absolutely right about that.


With the Nike Pro Hijab Launch, I do realize there is a lot of mixed reactions as to why Nike decided to create such a product “now.” __ From my perspective as a former athlete who competed in Hijab, in the past, the big brands didn’t see the need or market for it as it was not “popular” and it was unheard of to see women train, exercise and compete in hijab. __ It is a recent phenomenon where more women have expressed a need for it and more professional athletes have fought for rights to compete with a headscarf, and have an equal playing field. We made it big in the news, we couldn’t be ignored. __ As Muslim women, we have been vocal in the media about it – personally since 2011 – the big guys can’t help but notice us “the underdogs” and our impact in the sports industry and world. They know that we are here to stay and decided to join the party and create another “competitive” sport hijab in the market, which by the way, did exist in the market for few years now. __ As an innovative company, they will create products and they will meet market needs – whatever they may be. It is not dismissing any other hard work done in the past to develop sports hijabs, it’s just there is more competition in the market for modest clothing now. __ I support Muslim women with or without hijab, and how they dress is their choice. And with the Nike Sports Hijab, it surely will encourage a new generation of athletes to pursue sports professionally, and without us athletes who fought for this right and made it happen, Nike wouldn’t “just do it.” __ Ps. This is purely my opinion on the matter, not paid for or asked to be written. Much Love, -Amna

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When you’re young, you want to be able to see yourself doing anything and being anyone.


Just like making Barbies with different skin tones and having a growing number of people with disabilities acting and becoming athletes, making hijabs as common as any other type of clothing or accessory is just another way of making sure that everyone feels comfortable in their own skin and included.

And thanks to American Eagle, Nike, and Aerie, inclusivity and diversity are becoming more and more of a reality, which is something I can get behind 100 percent.