These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Jerks (And They Honestly Don't Care That You Think So)


Jerk Zodiac Signs

Admit it — you know at least one person who is a straight up jerk (i.e. a$$hole). Everyone does. She's totally obnoxious, doesn't give two cents about what other people think, and couldn't care less about offending you, or anyone else, for that matter.

You know — that person who unashamedly makes fun of others while being completely boastful when it comes to their own accomplishments? Yeah, that person.


The best thing you can do is AVOID these jerks, or at least tell them how it is before you cut them from your life.

Absolutely NO GOOD will come from keeping a jerky person in your life. When someone is inconsiderate and causing nothing but trouble and heartache, it can be hard to see the good in keeping that person around.


There's no shame in wanting to at least have friends, but there are a few people that honestly have trouble finding common ground.

If you look to astrology and to someone's horoscope, you can start to see a little bit of insight into a person's personality, their morals and how they treat and deal with certain situations. And like it or not, there are people who deal with the conflict in their lives by simply throwing others aside.


There's a lot more to these jerks than most know, but the fact that they can't handle their emotions in a positive way can really drive people away.

These are the kinds of people that argue with the cashier over seeing her help the person in line with food stamps when they are in a rush, or the person who cuts you off on the highway on their way to work.

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The person who leaves her cup in the shopping cart in the parking lot so she doesn't have to walk ALLLLL the way back to the trash can by the sidewalk.

Spotting a jerk isn't necessarily difficult, but if you want to find out who can't handle their stress in a positive manner (or if YOU are one of these people and didn't even realize it), look to your zodiac sign for answers.


Maybe it's not up to you to fix these jerk zodiac signs, but you CAN take it as a sign that that person you're with may need a little more help with handling their anxiety and anger than the rest — and that's okay. But it's good to know.

1Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

taurus Jerk Zodiac Signs

Taurus is feisty and doesn’t care who she upsets. She’s the type of person who will put her feet on the chair in her Lyft driver’s car. Totally rude and uncalled for, for sure.

Sometimes, she does things and she doesn’t even think twice about it, and this is because, honestly, she is just naturally hard-headed (she is a BULL, after all). The rest of us stick to common courtesies, but Taurus doesn't really mind being that person in the wrong — as long as she feels she's right, she's right. Period. 

It can be hard to stay friends with a person who won't budge like this. But if you DO have a friend like this (or ARE a Taurus yourself), consider thinking through this and working out a way to connect with this girl in a way that's different than your other friends. 

Taurus appreciates total honesty, so if you're that way with her, she's bound to bond with you on a level not may people can say they have.

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2Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

cancer Jerk Zodiac Signs

Cancer is usually sweet, but she can also be a huge jerk because she can sometimes be oblivious to the fact that she can be SUPER rude.

Like, if she knows it’s her roommate’s turn to clean up the house, she’ll be SUPER lazy the whole week and leave her trash around everywhere. It's going to be cleaned up anyway, right?

Obviously it's uncalled for, but what can we say? Cancer can be a jerk sometimes because her laziness trumps EVERYTHING. 

If you're friends with a woman like this, TALK WITH HER. Tell her the things you will and won't accept in your friendship and make it known that she needs to put in the same amount of work and effort as you do into your relationship if she wants to make this work.

If she knows, then she's bound to change.

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3Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

scorpio Jerk Zodiac Signs

Scorpio is unapologetically rude because she simply doesn’t care who she offends. She has harsh (and LOUD) opinions that she doesn’t ever want to keep to herself.

Unfortunately, she has no remorse for saying offensive things, like telling her friend that she gained weight or that her boyfriend is boring. She thinks she’s just being a blunt, honest person, but in reality she’s just kind of a jerk.

But one thing Scorpio is NOT is unemotional. If you're honest with her about how she's talking with you and that she's offending you or hurting your feelings, then she's going to understand and make an honest effort to change. 

If there's one thing Scorpio treasures most is loyalty. And if you're her friend and you're being raw and honest, she's going to fight to keep you around. 

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4Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

capricorn Jerk Zodiac Signs

Capricorn can be uber selfish. She doesn’t always consider the feelings of other people, and sometimes the stuff she says is plain mean or coarse. 

When she’s walking down the street and the person in front of her is walking too slowly, she’ll shout “move it!” She’ll also be that girl who asks the barista to make a new drink for her three times in a row because none of them taste good.

She simply doesn't care who she offends because in her mind, if she's being inconvenienced, she needs to say so. Honesty is key, right?

Well yes, but kindness is important too. If this is you, make sure you take a step back to see how you're ACTUALLY treating the people around you. Are you being honest? Or is it really just rude and overly blunt? Not everyone reacts positively to this kind of talk, so keep that in mind before you end up losing some of the important people in your life.

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