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The Type Of Bad Boy You Simply CANNOT Resist, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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zodiac signs that love bad boys

You promise yourself that you won’t knowingly get involved with a bad boy but sometimes the attraction to them is too powerful to resist. Even your horoscope can't stop you from running with this guy.

I don’t know what it is about a bad boy that makes them so attractive. Is it the danger that seems to lurk around whenever they’re near or is it the excitement that they seem to generate? We know getting involved with them will end in pain, frustration, and possibly be a hit to our self-esteem but we do it anyway.

There are all kinds of bad boys, not just the openly rebellious kind that our parents warned us to stay away from. In fact, you may not know that the hot guy giving you major eye-contact is a bad boy. He may look innocent enough but once he’s done with you, you may not ever be the same.

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Sometimes we just need to mix things up a little and add some excitement into our lives. No matter what kind of bad boy someone is, they’re unpredictable and you never know what you’re going to get with them. It’s fun to show people who thought you played things so safe that you can do something out-of-character and get involved with a bad boy.

It’s okay to be with someone just because it’s fun and different but only if you’re aware of the fact that they’re not going to change for you. You can’t tame a bad boy and after a certain point, that danger and unpredictability are going to get old.

You can’t build a life with a bad boy and if you do, over time you’ll grow to resent them for all the qualities you once found so irresistible: their danger, irresponsibility, and immaturity.

Bad boys don’t do long-term and will not be around to help you get through the bad times. But it’s okay to enjoy them for a time, just don’t become too attached or give them too much of your heart.

Here are the zodiac signs that love bad boys and the type of man they just can't resist.

ARIES: The Dangerous Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

You can't resist a guy who is no stranger to risk-taking because you find that kind of danger exhilarating. He validates your bad habit of taking action without thinking things through. You're attracted to all the trappings of a dangerous bad boy — everything from how quickly he takes turns on his motorcycle, to his impulsive way of behaving. He's like you only intensified and lacking in any moral compass.


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TAURUS: The Comedy Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

This guy will do anything for a laugh. You admire how he just doesn't give a f*ck who he offends, insults, and hurts. You'd love not to care about how your behavior affects others and since you can't be like that, you get to experience what having no conscience is like when you're with him. When you've finally had it with his constant joking and inability to just be real, you'll wonder how you ever thought he was someone you wanted in your life.


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GEMINI: The Artist Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

Artistic talent goes a long way with you so it's not surprising that you go for the artist bad boy. For a while, you'll be okay with his tantrums and his inability to take responsibility for his actions for you'll believe that it's just the way it is for artists. But after he's sponged off you for a while because he was kicked out of his apartment for not paying his rent, and eaten all your food without ever offering to replace it, his attractiveness will diminish and you'll wonder what it was you saw in him in the first place.


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CANCER: The Knight in Shining Armor Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

You think that this guy is going to save you and sweep you away on his trusty steed, but the truth is he's bad news. He's the one you need to be saved from and it's going to be up to you to save yourself. He may be a cop or a fireman but just because he appears to be one of the good guys, he's damaged inside and if you're not careful, he'll emotional devastate you. The lesson is to not be fooled by the way someone looks, get to know who they really are on the inside before you open yourself up to them.


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LEO: The Sycophant Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

This guy is going to tell you everything you want to hear and he'll make you believe he's your biggest supporter. However, he's just using you. You think he's just some kind of flunky so that you'll be blindsided when he turns against you. He's not a good guy and you need to learn that no matter how awesome and incredible you are, not every compliment is true. This guy just knows how to exploit your weakness for praise.


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VIRGO: The Intellectual Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

This is the kind of guy who is literally too smart for his own good. You'll be attracted by his intellect but he's not out to better the world. This is the type of guy who creates disasters and causes pain. You can think of him as the maniacal bad guy in the thriller based on your life. He may not present as physically dangerous but he will cause you both mental and emotional pain.


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LIBRA: The Pretty Boy Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

Oh, you love a hot looking guy. You can't help it, you have an appreciation for beauty. However, when you're blinded to the rottenness of his character, that's a problem. There's a good chance that he's a gigolo or male prostitute looking for a sugar mama. Once you have your fun and he takes your money, you're not going to have much appreciation for him then, more like regret and animosity. Too bad you hate confrontation so much because you're going to have a hell of a time getting him out of your life.


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SCORPIO: The Man in Power Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

Hopefully, you don't work or live in Washington D.C. because you're weak for a man with power, even when it's a destructive kind of power and there are a ton of these types of bad boys in our nation's capital. Power excites you and being around someone with influence turns you on. They'll never leave their wife and when they get tired of you; they'll unceremoniously dump you. Save yourself, and avoid all politicians.


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SAGITTARIUS: The Exotic Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

He captivates you with his charm and his stories of the places he's been to and the people he's met. What he doesn't tell you are the laws he's broken — things like drug running, assault, and smuggling. You think he's sophisticated and intriguing but he's as dangerous as they come. Just because the two of you share a love of travel and new experiences, it doesn't mean that you should let him into your life. He's a snake and no amount of charming is going to change his reptile-like ways.


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CAPRICORN: The Wild Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

He's daring, he doesn't follow the rules, and when you're with him, you feel an unfamiliar excitement. The funny thing is that if you saw him on paper, his poor credit rating, his police record, and his talent for skipping out of paying his bills, you'd never be attracted to him. Sometimes you want to do things that are unexpected of you — you want to show the world that you're not boring and predictable. However, being with this guy will damage you and the price you pay to seem adventurous won't be worth it when he does something terrible and leaves you holding the bag.


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AQUARIUS: The Do-Gooder Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

This guy is all about saving the planet and the people in it, or so he'd like you to believe. When he tells you he's not into material goods or the creature comfort, you buy it without question. You don't know that he's pocketing the donations he collected or that he's using a non-profit to siphon money to his own bank account. The only person he's interested in helping is himself. His causes are the worst kind of scams because he depends on others to be good people and then punishes them for their generosity. You're a very accepting person, so try not to let this guy dupe you into believing he's a humanitarian.


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PISCES: The Guru Bad Boy

zodiac signs that love bad boys, zodiac signs

This type of bad boy is not unlike the Do-Gooder Bad Boy, only he appeals spiritually. You think he's going to help you lead a better, happier, more fulfilled life but he's only using you. He's a spiritual narcissist and is one of the most dangerous bad boys there is. These are the guys who pervert their spirituality to get their own needs met and use their so-called higher calling as a way to justify their misdeeds. They are very smooth and can have you doubting the things that you know are true. If you meet a Guru Bad Boy, turn around and head out in the opposite direction or you might find yourself trapped in a cult.


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