Does Kim Kardashian Do Drugs? 3 Rumors That Dispute Her 'Candy Cocaine' Statement

Are you sure that's just candy, Kimmy?

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Kim Kardashian was under the microscope of pretty much every Twitter user when one of her Snapchat followers noticed two lines of what white powder on a table during one of her selfie videos. It wasn't soon after that that people started accusing the 36-year-old mom of using cocaine. 

She was quick to shut down the rumors with the following tweet: 

And not that long after, she claimed that there wasn't any white powder and the lines were just a part of the marble table. 


Though the reality TV star has always been adamant about her clean lifestyle and taking care of her body, this isn't the first time the star has been accused of ridiing dirty. Does Kim Kardashian do drugs? Here's the details and rumors floating around:


1. She sells A LOT of 420-friendly KIMOJI merch. 


Everything from rolling papers, to lighters to car air fresheners to t-shirts and phone cases that say "Sorry I was high," is available on KIMOJI's website. Apparently, she launched a lot of these products on April 4, or 4/20. 

Though the weed-friendly merch might have you believe she's down to roll one herself, Kim K claimed it was all "festival themed." Okay, sure. 


2. A source said she was mixing sleeping pills and Valium. 


An insider reportedly said that Khloe Kardashian discovered her sister was taking sleeping pills and Valium and threatened to tell her momager, Kris Jenner, or her hubby, Kayne West, if she didn't stop. 

“She’s freaking everyone out right now,” the source said in 2012. “She’s taking Valium and sleeping pills. The last time she self-medicated was when she split from Reggie Bush [two years ago,] when everything felt impossible.”


Of course, Kim was quick to have a rep deny the claims and it was never brought up again. 

3. A former publicist claims to have proof of Kim Kardashian's party life. 



Jonathan Jaxson, a man who claims to have been Kim Kardashian's publicist from 2007 to 2009, has reportedly posted that he had proof that her lifestyle was anything but clean. 

Kim claims to not have ever partied with drugs or alcohol, however I have pictures to prove otherwise," he wrote on a blog in 2007. "She claims that is all that Paris did and it got real old not only partying with her at all times, but being her ‘sidekick.’"

Even though Jaxson continued to say he had documents proving how much he worked with Kim, she claimed that Jaxson only worked for her on one project which was a blog.

So does the girl with the arguably most famous butt in the world have a drug problem? There's not hard evidence to prove it, but if anyone can keep that underwraps, it's the Kardashians. 


But as healthy as she is and how adamanet her statement denying any drug use was, we say no.