20 Bittersweet Love Poems By Instagram Poet Michael Faudet

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Michael Faudet Love Poem

“I'm inspired by many things. Life experiences, art, nature, travel, vodka and a vivid imagination.”

Michael Faudet is a viral poet who has taken Instagram by storm. From the UK to Australia to New Zealand, Faudet is a well-traveled poet whose environment has always influenced his work.

“Eventually I found a little house by the sea, surrounded by a forest of twisted trees. After spending about two years doing nothing, watching the tides change, I finally decided to write again," says Faudet.

"Around the same period, I met my partner and fellow author, Lang Leav, who was living in Sydney at the time. We fell madly in love and a few months later, Lang was living in the house and sharing a typewriter."

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After watching his partner, Lang Leav — author of a number of books, including Love And Misadventure and Sad Girls, go through publishing two of her poetry collections, Faudet began writing his first book, Dirty Pretty Things.

“Dirty Pretty Things quickly became an international bestseller thanks to the wonderful support of my readers. It was also nominated in the Goodreads Choice Awards for best poetry and was selected by Sylvia Whitman, the owner of the iconic Shakespeare & Co bookstore in Paris, as one of her personal favourite books of 2016," explained Faudet.

"My latest book, Bitter Sweet Love, has also made it into the bestseller charts in bookstores worldwide. So it has been an amazing, thrilling ride, and one I am truly grateful to experience,” Faudet shared.

Faudet finds that constructing a book is sometimes the most challenging part of being a writer, but “the most important aspect for me is writing something that connects with an audience and is relatable to them. I love writing about complex themes, like love, loss, and the roller-coaster ride that is relationships. Poetry is just one of the ways I express myself."

He also enjoys writing prose and short stories too. One of his favorite things about being an author, he claims, is the freedom (and not having to sit in morning traffic).

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Faudet also shared with us some of us plans for the future; “I am currently finishing the manuscript for a new poetry and prose book. It is titled, Smoke & Mirrors, and will be released in bookstores worldwide in November of this year. I am also working on a project with Wattpad. A bizarre and magical story with gothic undertones. It is titled, Zana, and I have already written some chapters for it. I plan to finish the story in 2017, tidy it up, fix the typos, edit it and I then may possibly release it as a novella."

Otherwise, he's just trying to keep the future simple and not plan too far ahead. "Simply hanging out with Lang and my son is everything to me.”

So check out some of our top picks from Michael Faudet's Instagram, and keep an eye out for some brand-new writing from your new favorite poet, coming out soon.

20 love poems from Instagram poet Michael Faudet

1. "The Gift"

Her eyes were beautifully gift wrapped;

long black lashes of velvet ribbon — 

and every time she opened them,

if felt like Christmas.

— Michael Faudet

2. "The Chase"

When it came to love, she enjoyed the thrill of the chase but seldom stopped to check whether happiness was keeping up. 

— Michael Faudet

3. "'Sunday Enlightenment"

I am afraid of the dark', she said. 

'I am your torch," he replied. 

— Michael Faudet

4. "The Kiss"

Crashing waves on an empty beach,

the rhythm of our hearts,

two drowning lovers lost at sea,

my lips adrift in yours. 

— Michael Faudet

5. "Late Night Coffee"

Pale skin,

like porcelain.

Words touch,

blushing cheeks,

rouged red.

Painted lips.

Scarlet smiles,

in between sips.

— Michael Faudet 

6. "The Wish"

Every time you take a sip,

your lips wet with wine,

I wish I was that glass.

— Michael Faudet

7. No title

I write because you exist.

— Michael Faudet

8. "Spellbound"

The very suggestion of your words, she said- bind my wrists tighter than any rope.

— Michael Faudet 

9. "Second Chance"

We kissed beneath the twisted trees,

our lips between the stars,

tiny ripples in a lake,

this love, once lost,

is ours.

— Michael Faudet

10. "Gratitude"

Take nothing for granted. Even a rock will eventually surrender to sea and love can slip away like sand through fingers.

— Michael Faudet

11. "Seduction"

The more buttons you undo, she said,

the faster I become undone.

— Michael Faudet 

12. "A Final Kiss"

May my last breath,

Be it faint,

And whisper thin,

Meet death quietly.

A final kiss,

Buried gently,

Within the warmth,

Of the only lips,

I ever lived,

To truly love.

— Michael Faudet

13. No title

I am hopelessly in love with a memory.

an echo from another time,

another place.

— Michael Faudet

14. "The End"

I could taste

the sting of whiskey

on your lips,

a final kiss,

before we said

our last goodbye,

without a word

being said.

— Michael Faudet

15. "Spring"

She wore the scent of early spring on her delicate neck and every kiss I stole tasted of bright yellow flowers and buzzing bees.

— Michael Faudet

16. No title

Please don't be gentle with me,

she whispered,

I want you to push my knees apart

and paint my thighs

with purple kisses.

— Michael Faudet

17. No title

Nobody knows your heart better than you. Trust your instincts. Never let anyone cast a shadow over your sunshine.

— Michael Faudet

18. An uncanny ability

You have this uncanny ability

to make my heart sing

and panties wet, she said,

I find it all pleasantly disturbing.

— Michael Faudet

19. "Stormy Weather"

We made love on stormy summer nights. Our kisses wet and furious like rain running wild across naked ground. Her gentle moans lost in the rumble of thunder.

— Michael Faudet

20. Words that water flowers

I believe in you.' Words that water flowers. 

— Michael Faudet