Man Throws Bike At Couple Having Sex On A Children's Playground

couple having sex on a playground

Like a modern day Batman, this good Samaritan took matters into his own hands when he spotted a couple having sex on a playground. Having public sex is a huge turn-on for some, and while most people opt to get frisky in back alleys, a car, or in a fast food restaurant, this couple wanted something riskier.

Right out in the open, where the sun was shining and the grass was green, that’s where this couple did their thing.

Were they so horny that they just couldn’t stop the inevitable? Perhaps they were tripping on magic mushrooms and felt compelled to be "one" with the earth. Who knows, but this couple having sex on a playground certainly broke the law.

As a passerby films the raunchy scene, a “What the f*ck is happening?” can be heard in the background as a man, armed with a bicycle, is seen heading towards the couple, walking over cool, calm, and collected. The mystery cyclist lifts his bike by the handlebars and smashes it right into the guy’s head, mid thrust.

After the blow to the head, the mystery sex addict seems to pass out cold, and it doesn’t appear that the woman understands what happened right away. Once he comes to, the man who was hit with the bike seems to slink away, perhaps finally feeling a bit ashamed for his actions.

While some might think it was wrong to hit someone in the head with a bike, others probably think he deserved it. I mean, come on! No child deserves to witness that while they are just trying to play on the swing set.

In my opinion, people who are clearly doing something wrong and against the law should have to pay the price, even when the actual authorities aren’t around to enforce it. Good job, bike guy. I salute you!