These Android Sex Dolls Are Capable Of 50 Very Flexible Sex Positions

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android sex dolls

Move aside sex dolls, you are being phased out. And for that lady who got plastic surgery to look like a sex doll, you might want to start scheduling some new procedures.

Every day it seems like there is some new kind of technology that threatens the way of life as we know it. And now, that technology is in the form of android sex dolls that can probably steal your boyfriend.

According to the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, the sex robot tech is growing quickly and there are already "android love dolls" that can help their owners have sex in 50 different automated sex positions.

Aside from their sex skills, these dolls can be completely customized from the color of their pubic hair to the shape of their nipples. It’s pretty hard to compete with something that is the exact, real-life replica of a man’s sexual fantasies, right?

The cost of an android sex doll really isn’t that bad either. They go between $5,000 and $15,000, which is much less than what a guy would spend on a real woman over the course of their relationship, no doubt.

Sergi Santos, an engineer from Spain, has created "Samantha," an android sex doll that is more like a partner than a mere sex toy. She even has the ability to respond to both touch and verbal communication.

Santos said, “Samantha has got intelligence, has got physiological intelligence... Samantha knows when you are next to her, that you want to spend time with her, maybe you are on the sofa you want to watch TV and she will be very pleasant. She won’t say anything grotesque or unpleasant to anybody, she’ll be very polite.”

Due to her microprocessor and intelligence algorithm, Samantha can respond through speakers and a microphone. She can even reach an orgasm.


While sex may seem like the main reason for dropping some serious dough on one of these dolls, there are people out there who think they may be quite useful for society. Proponents of the doll say that they could be helpful for people with disabilities, sex offenders, and sexual therapy clinics. When discussing the sex robot topic, some people think that they could help stop sex offender crimes, while others believe that they could change societal norms for the worse.

Whether we like it or not, sex robots are coming and we don’t really know what will happen. Maybe, just maybe, men will give up on real women altogether, and we can finally have the free time to take over the world!

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