Mom Gives Son RuPaul-Style Makeover And Drag Queen Nickname "Ballooni"

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Mom Gives Son RuPaul-Style Makeover And Drag Queen Nickname "Ballooni"
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After a quiet evening of watching "RuPaul's Drag Race," one little boy told his mother something most young children say after they've witnessed something totally cool: 

"I wanna do that also!" 

Mikli Feria Jorge, a makeup artist, had no problem honoring her son's request. She winged his eyeliner, put on fake eyelashes and was careful not to ruin his bold lipstick. When she told him he was beautiful, he responded with "We need to buy a wig."

Once the makeup and glitter had set, Jorge introduced the world to Cat Astrfi (her son's drag name).

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Sorry, but how fierce and adorable is this kid?!



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I seriously can't with all this cuteness. 

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And as you can tell, he's loving it. 


After seeing the pure "YASS" that embodied her son, Jorge decided she wanted to try out a RuPaul look herself.


And then, in true drag queen fashion, they had a photo shoot. 

Jorge, who is also an author, faced some backlash for her style of stylish parenting.

After her tweets went viral, some people just had to try rain on their parade.   

But thankfully, there were also people who saw that it was a harmless — but super fun — activity between a mom and her son. 

And for the rest of the haters — they're probably just jealous

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