Couple Caught Having Sex At Public Racetrack — And There's A VIDEO

This frisky couple were doing some racing of their own.

video of couple having sex at racetrack the sun

It seems that this frisky lady was doing a bit of her own riding at Kelso Racetrack this month. Taken by an unknown source, this secret video of a couple having sex at a racetrack shows some X-rated activity between 22-year-old Marissa Sonkur and a young man. 

Sneaking off behind the beer tents to do the deed in the grass, it isn’t surprising that the couple got caught in the act during the crowded event. However, despite their inability to be candid, the couple, especially Marissa, did not deserve what happened afterward.


The video of a couple having sex at a racetrack features two half naked lovers and went viral. The media seemed to be really focused on bashing mostly Marissa for the scandalous act.

The hairdresser was absolutely horrified when the sex tape got back to her mother and eventually her grandmother. In fact, she hid from her mom for about a week, unable to face her after the video surfaced.


Some of her friends say that she has been dating the guy in the video for a while and that they got a little drunk in the beer tent, leaving to find some privacy.

Her friends go on to say that she's "living in agony."

“But we think one of his pals followed them and recorded part of it without their knowledge. Everyone has seen it and her whole family knows about the video, even her gran. She was totally gutted,” they said. "She knows she was kind of in the wrong but this person should never have filmed it  it’s creepy.”


Creepy is an understatement; I would call the man behind the camera downright evil. Marissa, who works part time for the Scottish Borders Council, said that she filed a complaint with the cops but nothing was really done about it.

A source has come out and said that the boy in the video is part of a group chat with his friends and this is where the video first surfaced.

Friends of Marissa said, “He posted it in there hoping it would just stay with the boys but then it’s obviously got around the next day. It ended up on Facebook a few days later and that’s when she decided she needed to go to the police but she’s not planning to take it any further — she just wants to forget about it now. People don’t realize what something like this can do to someone’s life. It has affected her a lot, she’s been feeling low since it happened."


They continued, “She’s lost a lot of confidence and has missed out on a few local events because she knows everyone there will be talking about her. Marissa is a thick-skinned person so she’ll get through it. She’s even managed to make light of it by saying at least she doesn’t look fat in the video or at least she wasn’t totally butt-naked in it. She hasn’t been able to bring herself to watch the video. She just wants to put it behind her now.”

While the public romp wasn’t the best idea, it was downright wrong for someone to film them. And what makes matters even worse is that that person proceeded to share it with the entire internet.


Being that the videographer was probably a friend of Marissa’s partner, it seems even more wrong that he would do something to purposely shame her.