New Semen Testing App Lets You Check Out The Quality Of His Swimmers Via IPhone

There really is an app for EVERYTHING.

semen testing app Seem

"There’s an app for that" is more relevant than ever now that Seem has been unleashed to the world.



Developed by Recruit Lifestyle Company, the semen testing app enables men to check the quality of their semen right from their phones. The app is so revolutionary that it recently won the Grand Prix from the Cannes Lions Mobile Jury!

Seem comes with a kit that features a small lens that men must attach to their phones. Once users put a drop of their semen on the lens, the app will create a video of the sperm and analyze the mobility, concentration, and the count.

The president of the Jury, Andy Hood, who is also the head of AKQA technologies, said that many of the entries had a similar theme that focused on "looking at platforms and technologies and not thinking about what they allow you to do but are seeing how they can go deeper. They can find ways to subvert the technology, to use it to do something completely unexpected, unanticipated [that] technology may have never been designed for or imagined in the first place."


The jury also noted that many of the entries focused on how to solve some of the world’s biggest problems and enrich the lives of the users.

As I’m sure many of you are wondering, the semen testing app actually seems to work. One of the jurors, Bradley Eldridge, tried it out himself as proof.

We’ve seen technology change the way we socialize and revolutionize what convenience actually means. Now, it seems that we will see technology help society in ways that we never thought were possible.

This app is particularly interesting, as the world of health care is increasingly expensive. Could Seem help people have greater access to family resources?


Keep an eye out for Seem as it makes its way to the public and expect a whole slew of innovative apps in the future.